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BB producers flip US the bird

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posted Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Are you f**king kidding me?!

They're being super careful with their phrasing this season.  Notice last week that Julie said the vote was for "who the HGs would like to evict"  and she never said "Ryan and Allison you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."  And for the AC (which they never actually called America's Choice....I noticed that but didn't think it was significant), they asked "who would you like to see return to the BB house?"  So, they were well within their rights to say "whatever."

For anyone who missed it (if you haven't seen it yet, and don't want to know, stop reading), America picked Alex (Parker was second) and then the HGs got to vote for which they wanted: America's Choice, or James (who they had just evicted 5-1).  From some reason they idiotically voted James back (Ryan, Matt and Sheila voted for the "mystery houseguest").  They had no time to think about it, so they probably don't realize that everyone outside of the Fearsome Foursome is now in deep doo-doo.  And, they put no thought into how America would vote.  So, basically the past week has been a complete waste.  The houseguests are exactly the same.  All that was accomplished was that Ryan can't play for HOH, and now he's managed to get on a few people's bad side.  Apparently the producers hate Ryan, and love Chelsia and James (b/c the other thing that was accomplished was that James got to hear Chelsia's "goodbye" message and all about how much she cares.

And I have to say, I was amused by Julie's "keep it clean" warning in response to James's "crap my pants" comment.  Maybe when I get over being pissed about being f**cked over by the prods, I'll see some more good in things.  (They're supposed to mess w/the HGs, not with us!)

And now it's 15 minutes past the end of the show, and we still don't have feeds of the endurance comp.  Oh, and about the show!  I cannot believe they left the pickle throwing out of the recap of the post-veto-comp. fallout.  I can understand why they left out the nasty personal talk...but the TV viewers have no idea what James/Chelsia/Josh did to Natalie, or why Matt made the comment about how Josh's mother should be ashamed of him.

Okay, as of about 6:17 BBT time, the feeds are back.  Adam and Josh are already down, and Matty is not looking good.  I'm looking for him to go early*, Sheila to jump/fall (she's said she's afraid of heights), maybe Sharon to jump/fall (throw the comp.) and a battle between Natalie and James (hopefully Natalie's not stupid enough to throw it.  Chelsia will probably hang in there too.

I really hope Natalie wins.  With the way CBS, Matt, and the FF has been treating her, she deserves something good.

Whatever happens, I'll be back later with an update, and caps from the comp.  Maybe more. 

* Matt jumped off while I was still typing, around 6:27 BBT

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