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posted Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I have to admit, I kind of liked the twist of bringing 3 to the end and rolling the Final HOH and winner into the finale together.  It made the end a bit more exciting and interesting.  Where the last few days of the feeds are usually dull as dirt, this year we at least had the scheming over who would be the respective F2 choices.

jumper cleanup

I'm glad I was reading them well enough that I was right that Kevin would take Jordan, and Jordan would take Natalie.  Once that was confirmed, I thought I wanted Kevin to win because I really wanted Natalie out of the money.  But, in the end, I think Jordan made the right call.  She probably would have lost to Kevin.  Though the fact is she really didn't have enough information to know that she would beat Natalie, but it worked out for her in the end.

My jury predictions were closer than last year, and once we saw the jury chatter and it was clear how much Jessie and Lydia now despised Natalie, I sort of revised my predictions.  The jury meeting was kind of funny--man, are those people bitter!  One of the highlights for me was when Jeff was accusing Lydia of being Jessie's puppet and Jessie interrupted to jump into the argument.

jessjury lydjury

The jury questioning wasn't too bad, though Jordan ended up having to answer basically the same question 3 times, including in her closing speech.  I thought she actually did a pretty good job of explaining how she had played a good game and wasn't just a "floater."  (Though, it all sounded just a little DR-coached to me.) Natalie on the other hand, basically admitted she was a floater, talking about how she had let other people do the work for her and attached herself to the various strong people precisely when it was convenient for her.

jury1 jury2

The return of the early evictees was about as interesting as usual. (That is to say, not very.)  They always seem to have one big thing for the non-jurors to reveal, and this year it was Nata-LIE.  Jordan's reaction was priceless, and Kevin's was pretty good too.  They tried to show Jeff that he shouldn't have evicted Russell by revealing the Big Lie.  The fact is that Jeff should have kept Russell regardless of whether it was true or not, so that wasn't really that interesting.  And the TVOVs were probably completely confused by the "Michele confirmed it" thing, but I was glad Jeff said it.  It confirmed to me that it really was a True Lie, just as I've been saying all along.

I thought re-hashing Chima-gate was actually unnecessary and kind of rude.  Putting the footage in the montage was fine, but they really didn't need someone to say yet again that it was disrespectful to everyone who wants to be on BB.  And asking if anyone wanted to defend her was just dumb.  As if they're going to jump up right then and there and defend her?  Please.  It came off as just another jab at Chima by the producers.  They would have been better off just ignoring her.

And no surprise on Jeff winning the favorite HG award.  I always figured Jordan was the real shoo-in for it, but since Jeff was already out of the money when the voting happened, it's no surprise that he got it.

AC showmance

All in all, BB11 was a pretty good season.  We had some great fights, good drama, the cutest showmance ever, and some decent entertainment.  I can't say it's a season where the best player won, but that rarely happens.  And I do think Jordan played a good game.  She came in with her genuine personality and won over fans and HGs alike.  She won comps, especially the critical 2 at the end.  She made strong alliances and stayed true to them.  As for Natalie, though she wasn't my favorite person by a long shot, she also played a good game.  She came in with the strategy of lie, lie, lie, and stuck to it. She did manage to manipulate most situations to her advantage, and she went for a long time without needing to win comps.  But when it came down to it, she couldn't win when she needed to, and that cost her.  

As they say, it is just a game.  And now it's over for us.  Once they're gone from our TVs and livefeeds, it really doesn't matter one bit who won.  So:

Congratulations Jordan and Natalie!

Thanks for the show!

jordan natalie

nat jordan 

jor-kini nat-kini

 horns?  jordan

Lines of the Finale

Jeff: (to Jessie) Dude, this room's too small for your head and we're outside.
Kevin: (standing at the front door, right after being evicted) Do I leave? I forgot.
Jessie: (as the footage of the undercover action starts) We're playing cards.
Russell: (about Jessie/Lydia) I don't know where I was. Probably yelling at someone.
Jeff: (about the "true lie") But Michele confirmed it.
Ronnie: (about all her lies) Natalie, I bow down to you.
Jordan: (upon learning Natalie's real age) Shut up!
Jeff: (about taking Jordan to Hawaii) Let's just say she's on the short list.
Julie: (about the fav. HG vote) It wasn't even close.
Jeff: Jordan, I'm so proud of you.
Crowd: Awww!
Jeff: Yeah, I know.

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