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how do you spell POV?

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posted Friday, 10 July 2009

Sounds like the POV comp. was some sort of Scrabble-scramble thing.  They had to dig for letters in a substance that one of them described as sort of like nacho cheese sauce.  Then they had to run back to a board of some sort, make a word, then hit a buzzer.  From what I can gather, if you submitted a misspelled word you were out.  It sounds like Jessie knocked himself out about halfway through.  Jeff ended up with a made-up word when he had all the letters to spell a perfectly valid word, which JBT is using as evidence that he threw the comp. (and he probably did).  Sounds like Lydia lost by one letter.  And Russell won using the strategy of gathering up as many letters as he could, so no one else would have the letters they needed.


JBT runs upstairs and does a lot of chest-bumping to confirm they're all good.  Laura tags along and proclaims herself a solid member of team-Jessie.  Ronnie pops up and tries to do the same, but they're not totally buying it.  He keeps asking if they think Russell will use the veto.  Natalie keeps saying things like "no way, 'cause then we'd have to put someone else up."  (Note the "we.")  Ronnie and Laura make a point of telling JBT how no one other than the 2 of them were happy when Russell won.

cb cb


Downstairs Lydia comments on how they all run up to HOH and leave Jeff out.  Jeff comes in and pretty much loses it on that point.  He goes off on a tirade about how when they were all showering after the comp, Russell brought a glass of wine to Casey and not Jeff, and how they all think he threw the comp. 

jeff lyd

Chima's pretty bummed too, though both Ronnie and Laura try to assure her that she's got the votes to stay.  She's not happy the comps have all been so physical so far, and Ronnie tells her not to worry, HOH will be straight questions.  "Yeah, great...if I'm still here," is her response.


So now we have about 5 days of figuring out where the votes will go.  It's seems pretty sure at this point that Nat/Laura/Russell will all vote out Lydia, while Jordan/Kevin are pretty sure to vote out Chima.  Ronnie/Michele are likely to stick with their clique-mate.  Braden/Jeff are probably inclined to keep Lydia, but may get peer-pressured into caving.  Casey's a bit of a toss-up, but even if he sticks with his clique-mate and she gets Braden/Jeff....that's still 5-5 and it goes to Jessie to break the tie.

kev ron jord

jeff russ laura

Lydia's big plan at this point is to try to seduce her way into staying.  She started in last night on Jessie, and he could not have looked more uncomfortable...or run away any faster.


So that's where we are now, but it's a long way until Thursday. 

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