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Parting Shots

bb11 A Fond Farewell to all the Hamsters

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB11 houseguests on the feeds.... 

First Evicted: Braden


 Second Evicted: Laura

 bye laura

Third Evicted: Casey
 bye banana man 
 Fourth Evicted: Ronnie
  buh-bye rat
 Fifth Evicted: Jessie  
 buh-bye Jessie!!! 
  Sixth Evicted: Chima
This one is a bit tricky. Depending on whom you
believe, either Chima dropped out of the game at her
own request, or she was kicked out by the producers.
In the official statement, CBS said "Chima was evicted
by the producers," making her the sixth evicted.  But
she was not evicted by a vote, and will not be a jury
member.  She gets a parting shot all the same. 
 bye chima
 Seventh Evicted: Lydia
 buh-bye lydia 
  Eighth Evicted: Russell
  bye russell
 Ninth Evicted: Jeff
 bye Jeff 
  Tenth Evicted: Michele
  buh-bye michele
Eleventh Evicted: Kevin
bye kevin 
 Runner Up: Natalie
 buh-bye Natalie
Winner: Jordan
bye jordan 
And it's a wrap!  Fade to FOTH....
eviction chairsfoth
Buh-bye!  See you next season for BB12....