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safety pinhead

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posted Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ah, won't it be sweet if Zippy the Pinhead gets booted by America via the Wizard-Coup on Thursday?  And Russell gets to stay and drive Chima crazy some more?  Fun, fun, fun.

pinhead safety

We're at that point in the season where we need some drama to spin things around.  Things have gotten rather dull in the house the last couple of days.  The excitement of last night was the HGs making some admittedly impressive play-doh items. (I didn't get great screencaps, but that's a very detailed baseball cap from Jeff, and models of the HGs by Lydia.)   But while that's cute and all, it's not what we really want to see.  What we really want to see is gameplay and strategy, fights and showmances...drama, drama, drama.

play doh

So, about the was interesting to get to see at least part of the Jessie/Russell storeroom conversation.  I didn't hear it the first time around (not even sure if it made the feeds or if it was too soon after the veto comp.), and I was sort of wondering if Jessie made it up, or twisted it.  But no, it does sound like Russell was ready to throw Jeff right under that fabled bus.


Jessie's drunken running around trying to sway Jeff/Jordan was funny.  And his drunken DR was even funnier. He knows he's not safe and that there's a good chance he's going to get "wizzed" out the door on Thursday.  The only thing that's disappointing about that is it won't be a Big Surprise for him this year.  Maybe we'll have to settle for Chima's Big Surprise.


Speaking of Chima...a word on her whole "girl power" alliance.  Oh, please.  I'm as much of a feminist as the next girl, but to say "oh, I want a woman to win, I'll vote for a woman over a man, blah blah blah" that's just silly.  *I* want the best player to win....Chima wants Chima to win.  The only reason she's talking alliance with Nat/Michelle is she figures she can beat them when the time comes.

nat push

All the veto-waffling on the show was a bit laughable (though typical BB).  In reality, Kevin was never going to use the veto, and the only reason he gave a second thought to Lydia was because he didn't want to make an enemy of her either.  Sugar-bear becoming Poopy-bear was pretty funny, though.

veto poopy

I wasn't quite sure what to make of Russell the Terrorist.  I was a bit surprised they aired the word, when they've been fishie'ing it out on the feeds, and supposedly Chima was told to tone it down.  Though they did let her go with "he terrorizes the house" approach, and that's pretty much what they aired.  At first I thought they were slanting toward Chima by showing the flashbacks of Russ-attacks.  But then I started to think maybe not.  She was going on and on about how he never attacks the guys, yet 2 of the 3 flashbacks they showed were guy-targets.

reign of terror?

And while we're on the subject of, are they making Michele look bad.  Not that it's unfair...she did lie right to several people's faces, including Russell and Chima.  The sad thing is that she's not even good at it. ("If you're going to lie, be good at it...or at least be average." ~Leland Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter.)


And that's going to have to serve as Line of the Day today.  I've barely unmuted the feeds today because I'm trying to avoid listening to anyone from JBT at all.

talk to the hand

That's about all I've got for you right now.  I don't expect much from the next couple days.  But you never know...expect the unexpected, right?

Oh, and Jordan gave Jeff a haircut...which isn't noteworthy or anything, but she's the only one I didn't have a screencap of today.

snip jordan

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