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the queen of chima

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posted Friday, 14 August 2009

I meant to use this subject line when Chima was queen/HOH but never got around to it will have to serve now while she's diva'ing about being nominated.

queen chima

Fairly early on last night, Michele let J/J/R know that she was planning on nom'ing Natalie and Chima.  The rest of them have been cycling through the HOH room "reminding" her about how Russell mistreated her.  By this afternoon Michele was clearly over the whole thing and said to Natalie that she had planned to nom Jessie if she got HOH, but as he was gone Nat would just have to do...but added "don't worry, you're not the target."

nat or not the target mich the targeter

(Sorry, I have to say Natalie talking about Jessie again?)

The abandoned JBT (now renamed the Pity Party Alliance) figured it was going to be Nat/Lydia.  They also pulled out the rule book to go over the "you're not allowed to tell someone you're nominating them" section.  Natalie said there were no consequences listed, but I'm not sure there are consequences in the rule book for any rule breaking.  They seem to have made up the "extra have-not day" this year for the food restriction violations.  Kevin got one for his chip/grape faux pas, and Jeff got one for a Gatorade gulp.  [I wonder if there's any place to get a copy of the BB rule book....probably not, I'm betting it's a closely guarded item...otherwise the prods couldn't change the rules at their whim.]

lyd the not nommed rules sloppy sipping

They had the HHN comp. and it sounds like it was one of those per day things, and they only have one day of slop (so are they getting kimchi or whatever for just that day?).  There were also some "prizes" and they got the famous BB BBQ.  Jeff/Russell are already planning the first cookout for tonight at 9 when Jeff gets off penalty slop. Though it sounds like they may be on overnight lockdown for POV building, so it may have to wait.


(Yeah, this cap has nothing to do with anything...but it's literally the only shot I have of Kevin all day, so I had to stick it in somewhere.)

It seemed to be an extra-long nom ceremony and we came back to find the house divided once again.  The Pity Party is downstairs talking about how Michele made a huge mistake by nom'ing Chima...Natalie said she's "in trouble with God" and other such things. Chima starts in on this is why girls never win (yes, she said girls, not women).  Lydia mentions that Kevin doesn't want to hear them talking about Jessie anymore (neither do we).  But Natalie's got her shrine started, and is wearing a tribute tshirt.

shirt shrine

Meanwhile, M/R/J/J were up in HOH talking about how it's just a game and the Pity Party needs to get over themselves.  Apparently they have been hiding various pieces of the other side's personal property, including Russell's rosary.  After a bit Jordan goes downstairs and Kevin says to her "I just want you to know, whatever went on back there (in the bedrooms), I had nothing to do with it."  She asks what happened and he says he doesn't know...riiiight.

jj russ mic

Turns out they took everything of Jeff's out of the drawers in the redroom and dumped it on a bed in the pool room.  Jordan tells him to just keep it in there, but he says there are no drawers left, and starts moving it all back.  He tells the Pity Party to "fucking grow up."  The whole time he's relocating stuff Natalie's sitting there with a little grin...and still reading the rule book.  Jeff says "don't touch my shit again; you know who I'm talking to."  Nat says "I don't know who you're talking to."  Uh, you bitch.


In other news, they got the mid-size table....and hey,'s another Kevin sighting.




Lines of the Day

[Michele's talking about her bikini top flying off and Jeff didn't notice, but then noticed she had a different top on.]
Jeff: I don't notice you're naked, but I notice when you like change your earrings.  
Jordan: I think men's upper thighs look weird...(to Michele)...You agree?
Michele: I think they look like thighs.  
Jeff: (to Jordan about something from the food comp.) You didn't know that chocolate wasn't red? 
Natalie: (about Michele) She is going to get a disease or something for what she did to Chima.

Lines of the Inside Dish

Jessie: I'm reeking the benefits of it.
Ross: What went down [with Lydia]?
Jessie: Strictly platonic.

undercover can't hide

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