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before the backdoor

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posted Saturday, 25 July 2009

I didn't mention it on the blog yesterday, but Jordan and Michele were Jessie's noms.  There are about 3 different plans going around, and most aren't aware of the others.  I think Jessie's real target is Michele, JBT wants Casey up and out, and the CoolKids Alliance still wants Ronnie backdoored.

jordan michele

casey rat

They picked players for the veto and the chosen were Casey, Jeff and Chima.  Jessie told Natalie that as long as Casey didn't win he'd be going home.  At one point Jessie told Nat he was going to pick Ronnie to host (this was mentioned during the HateRonnieFest last week as wouldn't it be funny for him to have to say "so-and-so, you have won the power of veto" and have the whole thing be a plan to b-d him), but Nat told him no way, that as co-HOH she should get to pick the host and she picked herself.


So, they went of to play the veto, and it was something to do with searching for things, getting points and prizes (some more surprises than prizes).  From what I can gather, Jessie won $2500, Casey got a margarita party for the house and has to wear a "banana suit" (not sure if those were related or what), someone had a chance at a plasma TV, but didn't take it, and Michelle won the veto.


Chima's birthday is sometime this week (Tues., I think) and she's already complaining that BB won't let her off slop to celebrate.  And now Casey asked if the have-nots could participate in the margarita party and was told no...I don't think anyone's broken the news to Chima yet, not wanting to deal with her rants about how BB hates her and is just trying to make her life miserable.


Michele will veto herself, and as of yet it's unclear who Jessie will repl-nom.  He's still telling the brain trust it's Casey, but he asked Michele who she'd like to see go up.  She declined to answer, but said she'd think about it.

hoboy michele

In other news, Lydia came downstairs this morning and announced that she had a dream that she was having sex.  It wasn't so much a dream...the 'homance moved full steam ahead late last night.  At least Lydia/Jessie are already 2 steps ahead of Aprollie from last year...they used a condom, and they kept their little privacy tent in place.

tent lyd

Perhaps more later....if they get alcohol there might be some Saturday night drama.

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