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the angry banana

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posted Sunday, 26 July 2009

Casey got stuck in his banana suit last night.  He does look ridiculous and I can see how the others are going to have trouble having any sort of serious conversation with him, but after all, this is what BB is all about.  At times he's being a good sport about it, but at times he's just not happy.

the angry banana

Today BB threw one of their lame b-day parties for Chima.  Her birthday's not until Tuesday, but today's the day for them to get footage for the next show, so there you go.  And by "BB threw" the party I mean they gave the HGs streamers and cake mix and let them do the work.  It is a step up from the super-lame parties of BB8/9 where they wrapped up the HGs personal property and passed it off as gifts.  Anyway, they threw things together and surprised Chima.  The have-nots were given a one-hour slop reprieve so they could have a cupcake...but Chima still wasn't happy.  She was mad it was a surprise and she didn't have a chance to get all pretty for TV.  To be fair, she did spend a loooooong time last night flat-ironing her hair, and it looked really good.  Today she was in a sweatshirt with the hood up.

pretty hair hooded


A short time later, BB moved them outside for the margarita party, proving that this was all about production and not about fun for the HGs.  This time the have-nots were not allowed to eat/drink.  Chima/Ronnie stayed inside and sulked, but Michele went out and joined the "fun" despite the no-consuming rule.  It wasn't much of a party, and broke up before long.

party jordan

Jeff/Jordan/Casey finally caught on to the fact that Jessie is probably off the kick-Ronnie plan and that there's a good chance Casey's going to be the repl-nom.  I didn't hear it myself, but from what I've gathered from their conversations, Kevin and/or Lydia told Jordan, told her not to tell Jeff, but of course she did.  Michele got back to Pinehead on his "who do you want as repl-nom" question...she said Ronnie and he basically said no.  He starts arguing in his incomprehensible Pinhead way that she changed her mind since the last time they talked...she says, uh no, I said I'd get back to you.


Right about this time Casey comes up and asks for a minute with Jessie.  Casey comes right out and asks what the deal is and Jessie tells him that since he's made comments about the jock-clique having had things so good, clearly he is the devil and must go.  Casey attempts to have a logical conversation with him, saying that he can't trust Ronnie more than Casey, and that he (Casey) has been trying to divert suspicion from their alliance by keeping his distance.  In return he gets his own incomprehensible Pinhead argument.  BananaMan gives up and leaves.


Michele comes in and says she's just talked with Ronnie and they're all good now, and she's onboard with the kick-Casey plan.  Zippy starts in on yet another incomprehensible Pinhead argument.  And I'm left wondering why he's arguing with someone who's agreeing with him.  I finally realized what was going on: w/o his Brain Trust, Jessie a.) doesn't understand what other people are saying to him, and b.) doesn't know what to say in return.  So, he tries to string together sentences using things he's heard JBT say and "big words" that he's heard somewhere but doesn't know what they mean.  That's how we get things like "I was just trying to understand where your head's at on your behalf and how you could expedite the positive."  I started to wonder how hard it is for Michele, who is clearly not a stupid person, to sit there and nod and um-hmm and Pinhead babbles on as if he's on crack.  I finally couldn't take it anymore and muted him.

jbt  jbt

Zippy also tries to convince Michele that he was planning to veto her if he had won POV.  And he even implies that she did something wrong by winning it and not giving him the chance to "prove himself" to her.  Of course, the real plan was to veto Jordan, so that's super-crap.


Line of the Day

Casey: (to Jessie) I asked you that day, 'is it still going according to plan' and you said 'yeah.' I guess maybe it was a different plan than I thought. I thought it was Ronnie going, but maybe you meant me going. 


Quick thoughts on the show...I'm glad they finally showed the Rat/Russ deal, but they made it seem as if no one else knows, which is crap.  Too much time on the Nat/Lyd/Jess showmance-mess, and the TVOVs don't get to know the dirty details.  Pinheads "accent" for the food comp. made me want to poke my ears out, as did his "don't hate me b/c I"m beautiful" DR.  And then the closing bit with Rat's DR just cemented my disgust.

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