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you just didn't ask which plan

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posted Monday, 27 July 2009

Things went according to plan....some people's plan, anyway.  Michele vetoed herself and Casey went up as the repl-nom.  Apparently Jessie made some sort of "zinger" remark during the ceremony (though from Jessie, how zinger-y could it be?).  Casey's said a bit about revealing some of what he knows.  We could maybe get some drama out of that, if he goes after Jessie.  During their chat last night Casey asked Jessie if their "week 1 alliance" was now "null and void."  Pinhead answered that yes it is, "due to circumstances" though he couldn't explain what circumstances.

off the block on the block

And Ronnie's prayers have been answered.  He and Russell had a quick celebratory check-in in the storage room.  Russell tells him that the two of them should team up with Pinhead and go all the way.  Meanwhile, upstairs Lydia is talking in her annoying baby-talk voice alternately asking Jessie why she was left out of the loop, and talking about taking her clothes off.  Then Lydia left and Natalie came in for her shift, to bitch about Lydia.

storoom prayers

in bed baby pants 2nd shift

I don't recall if Kevin/Lydia were in fact in on the kick-Casey plan, but they're certainly claiming they weren't.  They made some sort of deal with Jeff/Jordan last night, but who knows if it's for real or not.  Kevin seems like he's finally starting to play the game....and whadda ya know? turns out he might know what he's doing.

whisper kevin

I haven't seen Chima all day....she's probably in the DR complaining about something....or maybe just resting up for her b-day tomorrow.  Oops....I spoke to soon, she emerged just as I was about to post.


That's all for now.  Not much going on.  Casey's one bitter banana, but everyone seems to believe he's going on Thursday and perma-pawn Jordan is safe once again.  We might get some drama if there's a save-the-banana campaign, or if Natalie and Lydia finally decide to throw down.  A number of them have been making much of Casey getting kicked while dressed as a banana...but BB8 Kail went in a bunny suit, so this isn't a new thing. (Though, I'll admit....he looks sillier.)

bunny girl banana man


And here are your daily "we have to keep them because they're so pretty" shots.

jordan jeff

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