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posted Tuesday, 28 July 2009

There's not much point in going over the's all old news to livefeeders.  I did laugh at Casey in the banana suit, and Michele face-planting in the "poo" after winning the veto.  But, boo-hiss to the prods for cutting all of Jessie's incoherence from his chats with Casey and Michele.  Pinhead thinks he's running the show, and unless something changes, we're gonna be stuck with him for a while, maybe even to the end.

As for things changing, I'm guessing the "turn the game upside down" is that they're going to de-clique.  The HGs were all given new tennis shoes tonight and they think that means HOH is endurance this week.  I'm saying no on that b/c a.) endurance usually comes the week before the jury starts, and b.) there's no food comp. after endurance, and there's got to be one this week, or why are we voting on squid vs. licorice?  Speaking of which...lame, BB on the "America's Vote."  It was lame the first time around (last season! remember Ollie and his lollies?), and even the first time around this season...but the same stupid vote 2 weeks in a row....please.

In the house, Casey's actually making a decent effort at campaigning.  And I do mean decent...he's not attacking Jordan in any way, just approaching people and asking for their votes and trying to convince them that it's in their best interest to keep him.  I don't know that Jordan's done the counter-campaigning, she might just be counting on being safe as the perma-pawn.

Things went kind of wonky last night/earlier today, when Michele went to Jessie/Natalie with tales of the Lydia/Kevin+Jordan/Jeff alliance.  Natalie takes it as a chance to go after Lydia. Eventually JBT manages to get it all turned around back on Casey, with the story that he made up the JJKL deal.  They all know it was really Michele, but decide to play dumb and let it go.

I came in tonight on an argument between Casey and Ronnie, with Ronnie saying that Casey is a poor example as a teacher because of "the clubbing, the bikini contests, the DJing, and the swearing and drinking."   Casey counters that what a teacher does in his or her personal life has nothing to do with their quality as a teacher.  He then goes on to say that the clubbing, etc. doesn't counter all the kids he's helped, families he's helped, disciple-problem children he's turned around, and (my personal favorite) "kids I've bought lunch for because they didn't have no money for food."  (Um, okay..."no money" doesn't exactly back up the "quality educator" claim, but whatever.)  Ronnie says that he "completely understands" that all educators have stories like that (note how Ronnie has started referring to himself as an "educator" not a "teacher") and that he and his wife both are exactly the same inside as outside the classroom.  Really, Ronnie?  So you're a lying, manipulative, rat in the classroom?  Nice.

Ronnie then scampers inside and rehashes to anyone who will listen, and, like a good fish story, it gets worse with each telling.  Eventually he's got Casey "condoning underage drinking" and so forth.  Meanwhile, outside the Bitter Banana is rehashing to his audience, saying that he can't believe he was challenged by Rat on ethics.  Kevin tells him to calm down, that Ronnie was baiting him, to get him to "go bananas" and lose votes.

Line of the Day:

Casey: Where's Ashton Kutcher, because I must be getting punked.


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