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I've accepted the banana suit

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posted Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So said Casey last night.  It seems to be true.  The novelty of the amusement has worn off and it's just there now.  Every once in a while he breaks into a chorus of "Man in a Banana Suit" (an original song, so no fishies).  It's actually annoyingly catchy, and I found myself walking around my office today almost humming it.  Try explaining that one to coworkers who don't know of your secret BB obsession.

banana man

We got a bit of drama last night when Russell happened upon a convo amongst Ronnie, Kevin and Lydia. He managed to eavesdrop for an impressively long time.  Casey came along after a bit and got to hear them trashing him too.  Then they started in on Jordan, and just about then she wandered up.  I don't think she got a chance to hear much, but she and Casey walked in and broke up the pow-wow.  Russell ran (literally) to tell Jessie/Natalie his version of what he heard.  Casey went ahead and confronted Ronnie, for all the good it did him.  Ronnie refused to argue with him, giving a fascinating reason: "why would I get into an argument with you that I would ultimately win anyway?"  Um? Why wouldn't you?  But whatever.  Casey focused in on the line "I don't understand why Jeff, Jordan and Casey are so mad at me, except that I tricked them."  Uh, Ronnie?  That *is* why they're so mad at you.  Also, Casey didn't appreciate the personal attack on his character/professionalism, but whatever.

convo spy

Ronnie also went on to clarify that when he said he behaved the same in and out of the classroom, he wasn't including in the BB house.  Apparently, BB-world is yet another category of life where it's okay if he lies, manipulates and backstabs.  Well, fair enough.


Lydia blew up at one point, saying that she was sick of the yelling and Casey should just let it go.  She screamed for a minute, threw one of the oversized golf clubs, and stormed into the house.  Casey wondered what drugs she was on, yelling at him to stop yelling, and telling him to "get over it" rather than play out his possible last 2 days in the house.


But at the end of the day despite all the running around and scheming, the lies and half-truths, nothing has really changed.  It's still almost a sure thing that the Banana Man will be kicked tomorrow.  The HGs are on an overnight indoor lockdown, so I might be wrong about no endurance comp. this week.  We'll know when we know.....

I did a mugshot line-up yesterday because I was feeling too lazy to take the time to do my normal text+related pic thing...but some of them keep giving me such great expressions, we're just going to have do another one today:

russell zippy kevin

casey jordan jeff

ronnie lydia natalie

michele chima

Lines of the Day

Today with my know you're crazy when you start talking back to the livefeeds.

Natalie: At least we stay out of the drama because we sleep all the time.
Jessie: Yeah, but then all the sheep go awry because they don't have a fucking leader.
Me: Hahahahaha....Zippy the Pinhead thinks he's a leader?!
Jeff and Jordan: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Me: This is still better than listening to the rest of them.

And I think this might be the first appearance this year on the site for my favorite HG: Lucky the Duckie!  Lucky never gets evicted...though you have to admit, he is world's biggest floater. 




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