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IQ of a banana

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posted Thursday, 30 July 2009

I get annoyed at this every time we have an endurance comp.  Julie ends the show by saying "to see how it all plays out go to and subscribe to the live 24 hour feeds."  We already know the 24x7 thing is bull...but endurance comps are one of the best things about the feeds.  So, come on now.

It's already 6:30 BBT and still nada.  Boo hiss!  But while we're waiting, my thoughts on the show...oops they made a liar out of me.  Just as I typed that the feeds came back.  We keep getting a few seconds here and there, and then back to trivia.

spinning or do you

Finally, they're on for long enough for me to realize that someone is throwing up, and I think that's why they keep cutting the feeds.  But they're also trying to show us who's down.  We come in to find Kevin and Lydia already off before 6:30BBT.  Then Ronnie falls at 6:36 by my clock.

kevlyd ronrat

Well, let's see if this works again...back to the show...I was glad they told us they were de-cliqued right away.  It wasn't a surprise to anyone, so why pretend it was?  But then Julie had to give us the groaner line of the night: "It could be the banana's final appeal." did work.  Feeds back, Natalie's off and the rest are just hanging, no spinning.  With BB's history, it's probably broken.  Chima, Russell, Michele, and Jordan definitely still shot of Jeff that I've seen.  Oh, wait...I think I just saw his feet....spinning starts back up, as does rain and then back to trivia.  Back a minute later and now they're smacking into the diploma again.  The remaining 5 all look pretty solid....this could go awhile now.

russ chima mich

jeff jord

So, again, back to the show.  "Jessie's girls showed their claws" was just, sorry, catty.  And Lydia the Stalker was creepy (but it really *was* creepy when she did it, and the psycho stalker music in the DR is much more appropriate for her than when they did to BB9 Natalie).  And Julie's question of "was it really about beds?" kinda creeped me out...because it sort of was...just not in the way she meant for a family show.  But it was of worth it for the horrified look on Zippy's face, and his fumbling around in his Julie-chat and finally admitting that he needs someone else to be his brain.

Jeff and Jordan's families and the anatomy of a showmance was just too cute, as are they.  "Awwww" Line of the Show goes to Jeff for "you help me in ways you don't even know."


Jordan saying she's the greatest pawn ever, and the setup for Casey maybe stays just confirmed that he was gone.  But super points for his final speech....the "dorkopotamus" and Pinhead with the "personality & IQ, ironically, of a banana."  And Casey's departure was one of the best ever.  Double line of the Show winner for "What are you his pitbull?" and "Go make Jessie a sandwich."  Whether intentional or not, it may have thrown Nat off just a bit for the HOH comp.  And left her ranting "but he did it first!" (And why do you care, bitch?)

Is it just me or are Julie's exit questions getting better?  Her chat with Casey was not at all as awkward as the eviction chats often are.  (Braden's and Laura's were fine too.) Though, the farewell messages are, for the most part, as embarrassing as ever.  No points to Nat for admitting her age...Casey called her on that on DAY 1!  As soon as she said she was 18, he countered with "we'll talk about your real age later."  But Jeff wins Line of the Farewells with "walk out with your banana held high."

They all saw the de-cliqueing coming, but I did like how they focused in on Jordan when Julie said they were no longer protected by a team....she hasn't been anyway.  And the "new" power isn't so new...coup d'etat was a bust in BB7.  Just like the re-twist of the Tool last season, the new bit is that "IT'S UP TO YOU AMERICA."

Oh, no....7:28 BBT, Jordan falls.  I heard someone else throwing up earlier...definitely one of the girls and it might have been her.  Jeff tells her to stay down for a minute until she feels better.  We get trivia for a bit.

jordan down

Just before Jordan dropped Jeff was starting to negotiate a bit with the sideliners about the things they got from the "gifts" "I'll come down for 5 grand."  At one point he says he'll give up for a hand-job, but when Kevin agrees, he retracts saying "I don't even know if it works anymore."  Let's hope he's not dumb enough to make an actual deal.  He needs this win no matter what (well, unless he gets the coup d'etat).  And remember Mystic Gemini's number one rule of endurance comps: NEVER BELIEVE A DEAL YOU ARE OFFERED AT THE END OF AN END. COMP.

I'm posting this now....I'll be back with chapter 2 when we have an HOH.

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