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hang in there

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posted Thursday, 30 July 2009

As of 8 PM BBT the final 4 spinners are still hangin' in the end. comp.  After all the planning about what to wear, they're shedding clothes.  Russell's been shirtless for a while, Jeff ditched his sweatshirt, and Michele dropped her shoes.

jeff shoelessshirtless

On the sidelines, Nat's whining to Jessie that it's not fair that the girls are hitting the foam-diploma harder than the guys. Jessie says BB doesn't care about fair.  And she says well they must b/c they wouldn't let me wear the raincoat.  It sounds like they told her it was b/c the trashbag rustling would interfere with the audio, but she thinks it's b/c they didn't want her to have an advantage.  Personally, I'm thinking she would have been puking her guts out from the spinning all the same regardless of what she was wearing.  Nat also covers her defense of Jessie as Casey was walking out, and we get another great Zippy-ism:

Natalie: When he was like "you broke your word" you were quiet.
Jessie: Yeah, I was just like "read the tapes buddy."
but I can't read
At about 8:10 BBT we have our next casualty when Chima falls.  I didn't see what happened, but since she's been dizzy since the beginning and complaining of numb legs and the foam-ploma, it wasn't shocking.  Michele's been making the same complaints, but she looks a bit more comfortable so she might be just trying to look weak.
chima down
Ronnie: (to Jordan) You are one of the most polite vomiters I've ever seen.
From the grad gifts, it sounds like Kevin got the $5K, and someone got the power to choose the have-nots for the week (which explains why my food comp reasoning for no end. comp. didn't hold up).  I'm not sure who got that (or even completely sure it exists), it may have been Lydia...Natalie commented that the first 2 off got "good" prizes, and I don't think it was Natalie, b/c she mentioned the slop pass that she has.  No one has mentioned the other 3 gifts...but no one dropped for a box.
We come back from fishes at one point and Michele's in the word on how she fell, though it seems she somehow lost her pants in the process(?).
They've pretty much figured out that the secret power is the coup d'etat.  Ronnie explains how the winner will all depend on the edit they've been getting on the show b/c "the vast majority of viewers don't watch the livefeeds."  That may be true, but the livefeeders are the crazy ones who will set up auto-voters, etc.
Back out in the comp. Russell and Jeff start discussing their options.  At one point Jeff suggests rock/paper/scissors (who knew he was practicing for HOH last night?).  Jordan pipes up and tells him not to do it, that he'll regret it. She then offers a pep talk, and he says sure, but she hasn't come through yet.  Instead she went inside and got an eyeliner to write names on scraps of paper for some reason(?).  Russell's pretty committed, though...he literally pees himself to stay in place.
jeff cheerleader

At the three hours in, Jessie gets called to the DR and they're thinking there's going to be an incentive for someone to drop.  But no, it's just pizza for the already down.  We do get a moment of decency out of Jessie when Natalie comes out with a huge plate of food and he sends her back inside saying that's just rude to bring that out in front of the still-hanging.  He and Jordan stay out as the cheering section while everyone else stuffs their faces.  Then he asks the guys if they should go in so Jeff/Russ can enter negotiations.

huggy pizzaface

They say yes, and once alone, Russ promises that he just wants "that one guy out" and confesses that he was the Casey vote, to show that he's true to his word.  Jeff keeps offering rock/paper/scissors, but Russell says no way and "I'd kill myself if I lost that way."  Jeff finally says he can't give up b/c he's too low in the house to trust his safety someone else.  Smart boy.  If Russell really does want Ronnie out, he ought to give it to Jeff.  There really is no way Jeff would go after him before Ronnie and Jessie.


So, we're still spinning and getting thwapped by the foam-ploma for now.   It doesn't seem like either guy is giving in...this has the potential to go as long as the BB8 bunny hop between Dick and Zach.

boy1 boy2


I was just about to say I'd have to go for a chapter3, when Russell and Jeff reached a deal.  Jeff dropped on a deal that he was safe.  Russell threw in Jordan too (interesting Jeff didn't ask).  Jeff also didn't go into details like what "safe" means....won't be nom'ed, won't be repl-nom'ed?  And if Russell sticks to an end. comp. deal, I think it will be a BB first.  But Jeff, hopped down, and then Russell had to call him back to detangle Russ' shorts from the rope.  They both hobble inside, clearly in pain.

handshake detangle

 real deal?

Turns out that Jordan won the have-not power, she was writing names to draw them from a hat.  She had to pick 3 people, and decided to exempt Michele/Chima/Ronnie because they were have nots last week.  So that left 3 of 5 (Jessie, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, and Jeff).  Someone asked if she took Jeff's name out, she said no.  Then she drew Natalie, Kevin...and Jeff.  Russell said, no no, don't do that to him.  Everyone agreed, so she drew again and got Jessie.  He was pissed, and so they played a "guess a number" game between him and Lydia, and Jessie lost again.  So for the first time in his BB life, he's on slop....and won't it be fantastic if he somehow ends up going home week 4 again?

have poor jessie

Some Lines of the Day:

Jeff: (about almost everyone throwing up during the comp) I can't believe I didn't...I throw up on the fucking merry-go-round.
Jessie: (about being a have-not) I lost twice.  She pulled my name and I lost, then we played the number thing and I lost again.  I'm a have-not.  It's fine.
Natalie: (when they find out have-not starts immediately) They called me out of the shower like it was some life and death emergency, to tell me I couldn't wear the trash bags because of fairness. 
Jessie: Yeah, but it's their show.
Natalie: Every other have-not started on a Friday, and we're starting on a Thursday, that's not being fair.
Jessie: Yeah, but it's their show. They can do whatever they want.
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