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lies, damn lies, and statistics

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posted Friday, 31 July 2009

I can't remember exactly when I first said it...maybe back around Rat-gate...but I have to admit, Russell is playing a pretty good game.  In a rare BB move, he seems to have decided to stick to an endurance comp. deal.  He spent the day checking in with everyone, but not in an annoying way as Jessie did last week.

hoh pair

And as a clear contrast to last week, this time they all came through and said kick-Ronnie.  Or, as Lydia put it "anyone but me."  Russell did a little more reconnaissance on the pool room convo he overheard last week and asked both Kevin and Lydia about it.  Kevin told him the truth and Lydia lied, so Russ picked Lydia to sit next to Ronnie.

kev lyd


And I have to give Kevin credit...he decided to tell Russell the truth because he figured out that Russ already knew.  After Kev 'fessed up, Russell 'fessed up to having heard the whole thing, and Kevin was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  I don't think he had a chance to warn Lydia before her own Russ-chat.


In other news, they got squid and squash as their slop+food.  Jessie continues to whine about the food restriction, and he and Nat both continue to whine about the bed.  They've been napping in the recycle-room, and warned repeatedly by BB that they're not allowed to sleep in there.  Natalie's back with "it's not fair, that wasn't a rule for everyone else."  Actually, it was.  Week 1 Michele mentioned that if she even closed her eyes for a second somewhere else she got the BB-voice alarm.  I also find it very amusing that Natalie's all cuddled up to Jessie.  Not because this is anything new, but because last night when setting up in the asylum room she said she couldn't sleep next to Kevin because "it's not worth losing [her] relationship."  So instead she pulled the 2 mats together and is sleeping between the guys.  That's better?


no sleep for you

In Ronnie-explains-it-all world, he's been running around telling everyone that the "mystery power" is probably the coup d'etat.  He makes the very valid point that it's probably some variation on a previous twist. He's also got all sorts of theories on who will win it.  He keeps telling them it will all depend on the edit they're getting from CBS.  He also keeps saying he won't get it, but I think he's just fishing for the rest of them to think he will.  I'd bet his strategy is going to be to try to convince the other HGs that he has the power so they'll be careful around him.  Of course, that won't work on whoever does have it.  And it won't work if he's on the block on Thursday.  Because whether he goes or not, if he has the power, he'd use it to save himself, right?

jeff jordan

[Despite how those caps may look they both had perfectly acceptable bathing suits on at the time.]

I was out at the CBS site to vote for Jeff in the coup d'etat and started poking around a bit more.  There's an unofficial poll of who are you voting for and as of right now the results are 82% for Jeff, and climbing.  It is, of course, not necessarily right in line with the actual voting, but come on....if he doesn't win, I'm calling foul.


But the real misfortune of visiting the CBS site is that I foolishly started to skim Zippy's HOH blog.  His literary skills certainly are amusing.  Here are a few gems:

Jeff and Jordan are doing their own thing best thing about Jeff is thus far he is still an Athlete so with that being stated or still a constant he cant choose Natalie or myself as Nominees for eviction.

I actually didn't tell Natalie she wanted to ensure the votes that Chima was under the impression she had as solid, and came to find out due to Laura being in a sleeping state of mind and blurted out that she was going to vote for Bradon and let the cat out of the bag. Well that open a can of worms to put it Laura how that worked out for her. ;*) With the INDIRECT comments being: Athletes haven't had to feel any misfortune in the game yet thus far....and at that point NOR HAS HE BARE IN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The trust that I have in Ronnie is unwavering although its easy to question his methods sometimes during the game. I CONTINUOUSLY feel myself having to keep taking leaps of faith in him as a person with every week that passes it seems though. Thinking out loud I just need to fully commit and but in this game he could lie to me as easy as the others.

sleeping state of mind


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