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we're off to see the wizard

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posted Saturday, 1 August 2009

The HGs have started referring the coup d'etat/mystery power as "the wizard."  They keep speculating about when the power will be given out, and the more days that pass the more sure they each are that someone else has it.  Since the voting is going until Tuesday night, there's a good chance that it won't be bestowed until Thursday.


They played the veto comp. and it had something to do with counting things and making wagers (I think).  Michele won, and Jessie's been whining about coming in second.  It seems the audience was given wine, and Jeff/Jordan got a little tipsy, ending up in bed after the comp.  Lydia claimed to catch them making out, but I don't think it was on the feeds, so there's no confirmation, as far as I know.  Oh, and Natalie actually took a shower after the comp.  She claims that's it for the week.  (ewww....)

cuddle-buddies lyd


As soon as they were inside, Rat was campaigning to Michele to save him.  I didn't hear what she actually told him, but she's told everyone else she's not going for it.  A bit later she caught up with Jeff and told him she wants to make a secret alliance with him and Jordan.  At first she said don't tell Jordan b/c she can't keep a secret, but before long they were both chatting with Jordan so she's aware of the alliance she's in.  It's a good move on Michele's part.  No one's ever made it to the end of BB by themselves.  It takes at least 2, and though Michele would be #3 in this particular alliance, there's no one else to be her partner.  And she's probably counting on being the decider herself when it comes time to drop someone.

out rat

 j1 j2

In addition to whining about the beds, the food, and losing the comp., Jessie's been complaining that Kevin's been eating illegal foods.  There was something about Kev eating one potato chip during the HOH reveal and then catching himself.  I'm a believer in the rules and all, but I wouldn't give him a penalty nom. for something like that.  But today there was a story going around the house that he was eating a bunch of grapes (accoutrements from the comp, I'm guessing).  As whiney as Zippy can be, he may have a point there.  If Kevin really was eating, that's not right.  One slip-up, okay.  But come on....we've gotten through 10 seasons of BB with only one food restriction violation that I can think of....and that was deliberate.

kev whoa

In other news, Russell and Jessie had a little chat and Russ mentioned that Chima's driving him crazy.  She's been all over him since he won HOH and he's just not that into her.  What's funny is that I heard her telling Kevin that she thinks Russ is more into her than she him.  I didn't buy it anyway, but it's amusing how oblivious she seems to be to his disinterest.

chim cuckoo

The poll on still shows Jeff way in the lead on the road to wizardry.  Assuming he does win, I figure he won't coup this week, and stick with the kick-Rat plan. It's kind of too bad, because it just would be so poetic to give Jessie another big surprise at the same time, same channel as last year.  Yes, Jessie, America does hate you that much.  Though for Jeff's part, if he manages to coup next week and kick-Zippy to the jury house, it could work greatly in his favor.  The others might figure that Jessie will hate him so much, and be in a position to lobby the other jurors, that Jeff will have that special BB status of "most beatable."


Lines of the Day (so far):

Jeff: (about Jessie) That guy's got the personality of an orange road cone.

Jordan: What are your fears?
Jeff: Like dying?
Jordan: Whatever you're afraid of.
Jeff: One of my fears is dying before I have a kid.
[Me: this guy too good to be true or what? ]
Jordan: My fears are like being buried alive, drowing, or being murdered.
Jeff: That's like everyone's fears.

And in the oopsie and just oddness department, we got some of last year's trivia at one point and then distorted eyeball-flags or something right in the midst of the regular trivia.  Also, at one point they still had the "BB is preparing for the liveshow" slide rather than the "HGs are playing a game" one.

old news eyeball flag

liveshow game

Unless something dramatic happens, that's probably it from me for today....Mystic Gemini needs a nap too. Smile

yawn naptime

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