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to tell the truth

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posted Sunday, 2 August 2009

There was an interesting little alliance chat between Russell and Michele last night that got me thinking...they started out talking about mutual goals in the game, etc. which seems like a good way to firm up an alliance.  But what really convinced me was that they each gave up a secret bit of info.  Michele admitted to her PhD, and I believe Russ is the first one she's told.  Russ admitted to his Casey-deal and being the vote.  He's already told Jeff this, but asked him to keep it quiet (which I believe he has).

doc new alliance

Then when R&M went their separate ways, they kept their new info to themselves, at least for now.  Michele doesn't really have anyone to tell, or any reason to.  But Russell gave Jess/Nat an incomplete and somewhat misleading account of the convo.  That's a good sign for his being true to the new alliance.


R/M also both sort of mentioned making a 4-way alliance with Jeff/Jordan, without quite saying and without either spilling their already existing deals with J/J.  And, as I said, I do believe Jeff's been able to keep quiet even to Jordan about what Russell told him at the end of the end. comp.  And that's a good sign for Jeff being able to hold on to the coup d'etat if he gets it.

the wiz little leak

Speaking of the coup, the voting on the informal "whom did you vote for?" poll on the CBS forum has slowed down, but Jeff still has an impressive 83% of the responses (screencap below was taken 10AM BBT 8/2/09).  Of course, this doesn't mean he's got 83% of the actual vote, but it is still likely that he's got the thing wrapped up.  There is a story going around that Ronnie's wife is pushing an auto-voter, vote-for-Ronnie scheme, but even if it's true and works, auto-voters for anyone else would work too.  So, it should all come out in the wash.

rat hat



I'm also hearing that while most people are able to submit unlimited web votes, a certain web browser (i.e. IE...pun intended, sorry) is blocking after a certain number of submissions. My guess is that it's supposed to only allow 10 votes per IP, and it's everything else that's not working as CBS intended.  Though, here's my complaint about that....nowhere on the site does it say there's a limit on web votes, just says 10 txt votes per phone.  Not to mention that limiting based on IP is not anywhere close to limiting per person.  I've never understood why they don't just make the online voting login based, and limit per email address.  Sure, it's easy enough for an individual to have multiple email addrs, but at least that takes some effort.  Of course, this is the same site that can't seem to code their poll quite right--they had the wrong pics w/some of the names, Jessie's face multiple times, and Casey was still listed--and had to "disqualify" the first 20 minutes of votes (I wouldn't call it "disqualified" when it's their error....more like "discarded", but whatever.)

Oh, and P.S.  Lydia's still nominated too....there hasn't been much to say about her yet, but this was too good a cap to pass up.

other nom


Update, re: America's Vote: I lied...sort of.  Turns out there is something on the CBS site saying online votes are limited to 10, it's just not displaying.  See "Vote Early and Often " for full(er) explanation.

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