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I smell a rat

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posted Sunday, 2 August 2009

I have very little to say about tonight's show, except, in the words of BB8 Jen, "that's messed up, Big Brother!"

what's up with that?

They basically allowed Rat to campaign for the coup, but no one else.  The featured HGs of the show have been Jessie and Ronnie all along, and even the TVOVs are unlikely to want to give Jessie more power.  It sure seems like CBS wants Rat to be king again.  I doubt it will matter, though.  I'm pretty sure they wanted Cappy as the rerun-HG on BB6, but the fans wanted Kaysar way more.  And odds are still that Jeff will be coup-cooing before long.


And to top it off, CBS thwarted themselves by putting up another faulty page.  As of right now*, the 2 links on the AV page, one for the coup and one for the slop+ food (apparently we get to vote for an alliterative food combo every week) both go to the food vote. And the Terms & Conditions still aren't visible anywhere.  Whatever.

And this was just the polls forum a new "Who will win the coup d'etat? " poll has appeared, with the results:


Apparently the Rat-fans are getting desperate.


In the house, it's mostly been bitch, moan and complain day.  Natalie went and tattled on Kevin for eating grapes, and he got an extra day of slop, squid and squash added to his sentence.  He knows someone ratted him out, but he isn't sure who it was.  JBT (which now consists of Nat/Rat/Chima) are starting to try to work Russell to turn on Lyd/Kev and keep the Rat.  Russell is getting increasingly annoyed with Chima for "acting like she's my fucking girlfriend." And Zippy took the opportunity to try to convince Russ that it was all Kevin's fault (huh?).

I have no lines of the day for we'll go with facial expressions of the day:

jordanface jeffface micheleface 

kevinface lydiaface ratface

jessieface natalieface

chimaface russellface


* I checked the page again right before posting, and now if you click on Julie's picture you get the coup vote, but the "Vote Now" link still goes to the's progress, right?



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