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it's groundhog day everyday in this place

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posted Monday, 3 August 2009

In the BB house, it's just the same stuff, different day.  Michele didn't use the veto, so it's still Ronnie and Lydia on the block.  JBT realizes they don't have the votes to keep Ronnie.  No one has the "wizard" power, but they're all scared someone else does.  Russell's tired of Chima, Nat hates Lydia, and everyone's getting bothered by the fact that Natalie hasn't showered for days, and isn't planning to.  No one really trusts anyone...just another day in the BB house.

no pov for you

lyd ron


The groundhog day line actually came from Jeff, having a conversation with Jordan about how she asks him the same questions every day (did you ever wear braces? what's your last name? etc.).  He says something to the effect of we get up, people scheme, you ask me the same questions, we eat, sleep, workout, people scheme...we go to bed and start all over again the next day.

jord jeff

We'll call this Cute Chat of the Day:

Jeff: You're gonna hook me up with one of your friends?
Jordan: Sure.
Jeff: Why do you keep saying that in front of everyone?
Jordan: What?
Jeff: You're going to hook me up with a brown-haired girl?
Jordan: You said that's what you like.
Jeff: Stop saying that in front of everyone.
Jordan: Why? We're BFF.
Jeff: I don't know what I'm supposed to say.  Am I just supposed to be cool with that?
Jordan: Why not? We're BFF....
Jeff: So, I'm going to come down, you're going to hook me up with your friend and I'm just going to go off with her?
Jordan: Yeah.  Why not?
Jeff: That wouldn't bother you?
Jordan: It's up to you, if that's what you want.
Jeff: Jordan!
Jordan: What?
Jeff: You can be so dumb sometimes.
Jordan: What?
Jeff: Jordan....
Jordan: Gimme a hug.


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