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pop goes the hamster

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posted Tuesday, 4 August 2009

That's what I get for saying nothing was going on yesterday....big night in the BB house last night.  And, thanks to Flashback, we don't have to miss a thing.


So, let's see if we can track through what happened....first Michele told Russell that Jessie/Natalie/Chima wanted to keep Ronnie, and that they were after him (Russ) next.  She may or may not have said that Chima "wants to backdoor" Russell.  Natalie warns Jessie that he's maybe about to get caught in the lies he told about Michele.  At first Jessie wants to 'fess up, but his brain trust talks him out of it.


So, Jess goes and pow-wows with Russell and gets him convinced that it's all lies and the girls are all conspiring against them.  Pretty soon he's got Russell going on about how "chicks are emotional" and something about a vagina-alliance.  Jessie also tells Russell that Michele came into the "green room" and told Jess/Nat that she wanted to keep Ronnie (I gather this supposedly happened during one of J/N's many illegal naps in there).  Russell says he believes Jessie 100%.


Russ goes downstairs, has a quick catch-up with Natalie, then says he wants to talk to Chima.  Nat pulls Chima aside and warns her to go appease Russell, but Chima's already rev'ed up at Russ and storms upstairs ready for a fight.  Before he even gets the whole Michele story out, Chima says "let's bring her up."  At first Russell wants to finish his story, but Chima says "no, no, no one can lie if we're all here together."


Michele comes up and Russell asks her if she made the b-d comment.  She denies it.  His shocked expression and "are you kidding me?" tone, along with Michele's flushed face and slight stammer, make me believe him.  She later admits that she might have said the words "speculatively."  Then Chima brings up the question of is Russell telling everyone that she's being possessive and acting like his g/f.  He has been saying that, but he just tells her he doesn't care what she believes and he's done talking to liars.  They leave the HOH room and have a big face to face shouting match, with maybe some shoving out on the balcony.


Downstairs Chima pulls Jeff and Jordan aside and tells them that word around the house is that all the girls are playing the guys, and she's knows their thing, whatever it is, is sincere, but they should just know what's going on.  Jeff leaves after that, and Jordan stays and chats with Chima.  Jordan's thought something funky was going on with Russell for a bit now, and she's starting to see some lies of his.  She's also suspicious of the Ronnie/Russell connection.  Chima doesn't quite buy it, asking why Russ would be pushing for Ronnie to go now if that were true. (Since it is true, a lot of us are wondering that.)


A bit later, round 2 kicks off, with a confrontation between Kevin and Ronnie.  It starts with most of them in the bathroom talking about Russell.  Someone brings up how all this could be meant to somehow convince them to keep Ronnie.  Kevin comes up with his story about seeing Russell wink at Ronnie amidst his stalking-tirade during Rat-gate.  Ronnie's in the green room and can hear the whole thing (which the bathroom group knew) and eventually comes in to state that he does not have an alliance with Russell.  Kevin's right on that, with backup from Michele, about how Ronnie is very careful with semantics and while they may not have "an alliance, a deal, an arrangement, a fill-in-your-word," they have something.


Kevin also brings up what Ronnie said about Hitler being a persuasive speaker.  The few who hadn't heard it already are shocked.  Ronnie steps up with the defense that he never said Hitler was a good person, just that he was, in fact, a persuasive speaker.  That's true, that's exactly what he did say...but Kevin's argument is basically why would you say anything remotely positive about Hitler...find another example.  Then Ronnie says, "let me give you this analogy, and if you say you disagree with it you're a fucking liar...."  We never get to hear what the analogy was going to be, because Kevin flips out.  It's worse than the Braden incident.  He's right in Ronnie's face, screaming at him, and Ronnie's screaming right back.  Lydia, and little-bitty Natalie jump between them to break it up.  Ronnie starts crying foul right away saying that Kevin "chest bumped" him, and he's going to be kicked out.  There might have been some incidental physical contact, but personally, I'd not call it assault.


Round 3 comes about when Chima trots off to the DR, comes back and says "it's not against the rules but they strongly discourage it," marches outside, picks another fight with Russell and throws a glass of water in his face.  It was actually way more "shocking" than Dick's tea-dump on Jen (BB8), mainly b/c it did go right in his face.  Chima's challenge had been was he saying that she was making advances toward him, so Russell comes inside and starts in on all her behavior of that nature. There's more in the face screaming, finger waving, and some physical contact.  Chima dares Russell to hit her, which of course he's not about to do.  The girls drag Chima off and Jeff takes Russell outside to cool down.

what now

Oh, and Jessie?  Pretty much the whole time he's sleeping in the asylum room.  Or at least laying down...I doubt anyone could sleep through the racket they were making, esp. not Princess Light-Sleeper Jessie.


By the end of the night, several of them had DR "restraining orders" a la BB9 Joshuah.  And the highlight of the whole thing for me was while Ronnie was fake-crying to Chima about how Kevin threatened him, Jordan hears him and just busts out laughing.

And then there was Jeff's contribution to the fight: "How about we talk about how there are dishes all over the fucking place? >pause< I guess we can do that another night."


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