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show me the wizard

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posted Tuesday, 4 August 2009
 Jeff: If people don't think I'm a dork, how come I'm not the wizard?
Chima: Maybe we just don't know yet.

are you my wizard?

Once again, I have very little to say about the show....except, what is up with the unbalanced air time?  Sure we're always going to get more of the HOH, noms, and veto winner....but come on.  We got Ratboy getting campaign time again, and Jeff/Jordan were hardly on the show.  I will give CBS some credit...they started randomizing the pics on the online voting page to thwart auto-voters.  Which is good, sure, but it also makes me doubt that they're really only accepting 10 votes per IP (if they are, why bother with the randomizing).  Whatever....we'll know when we know....

rb power-girl

Things are relatively quiet (so far) after last night.  There was a little scheming (©Russell) session by JBT to try to trick Michele into voting to keep Ronnie.  The plan was for Chima to go to her and say everyone's voting Ronnie out, but if you and I vote Lydia out, we can blame it on Nat/Jess.  A.) Michele's not that stupid, and B.) Chima probably won't really do it anyway.  Interesting plan though.  And it will give CBS some good footage to build suspense on Thursday.

who me? schemers

Word on the street is that the Chima/Russell fight was likely staged...or at least if you Flashback to around 2:30 AM on 8/1, they're scheming....even talk about her throwing water in his face.  If that was acting, it was pretty darn good.


Lines of the Day:

Natalie: Chima, you've got good boobs.
Chima: No, I've got a good push-up bra!
Natalie: You should let me borrow it, maybe then Jessie would look at me.
Chima: Maybe Jessie would look at you if you showered.

snap pushed-up

That's all for now...they did get a massive (by BB standards) booze perhaps more drama to come.




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