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posted Wednesday, 5 August 2009

They rehashed the same old fights again today...absolutely nothing new to report there.  It still seems like the kick-rat plan is a go.  But you never know when something could flip.  We don't know who got the coup, though a lot of keen observers are guessing Jeff did get it, based on his attitude.


They did have some sort of "house meeting" to go through all the lies and lines, but nothing new came out of it, really.  Just brought up a lot of bad feelings.  Jessie/Nat told Kevin that Lydia threw him under that fabled bus by telling them his chess analogy and saying he wanted Queen Natalie out.  This got Kev a little paranoid.  And Michele somehow became the scapegoat of the Russell/Chima fight, and finally broke down and cried, after a little prod-prodding.

kev cry time

Lydia has told several of them that she was threatening to cut herself last night, and the DR called her in and told her if she did that she'd have to leave.  Hopefully, if it's true, they also gave her some constructive help.  (They do have a shrink on call.)  Lydia also sat down next to Jessie at naptime and started clapping incessantly, and then crunching chips, and later smearing peanut butter on his face.  It was actually pretty funny, right up until they made up.

snore omg

Then when Nat realizes Jessie's talking to Lydia, after Natalie specifically told him not to, she tells everyone she's done with him; he can hang out with Lyd from now on.  After the chat breaks up, Zippy scrambles around trying to get Chima to get word back to Natalie that he wasn't betraying or disobeying...he claims to be trying to keep Lydia occupied so she can't campaign for votes and maybe King Rat will stay....ah, the delusions of Zippy the Pinhead.


The Have-Not restrictions (save Kevin's penalty slop day) ended at 9 BBT, and Natalie finally took a shower.  She was in there for a good hour, making up for the rest of the week....and wasting water.


The viewer calls have started playing, and Jessie jumped right up and told Lydia that they needed to listen and memorize everything because they will be the topic of the HOH comp. tomorrow.  He told Michelle the same thing last year, and she went on to win. Of course, that was after Jessie's Big Surprise...we're unlikely to get a repeat of that part just yet.

say what?

Lines of the Day

Jessie: I'm using statistical facts to back my symptoms of being a human.
Jeff: Jordan and I are going to get wizarded on to the block.
Ronnie: I want to get a shirt that says [dorkopotomus].


Caller: Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, they should eat toona!
Caller: Take a bath.
Chima: That one's for Natalie....
chima dirty girl
Caller: If you were half as smart as you think you are, you'd be twice as smart as you actually are.  Do the math.
Jeff: (after viewer messages) I gotta go pee.  And vomit.
Ronnie: I only did that one time, so I know for a fact it made it on to the livefeeds.  (Dude....just about everything makes it on to the feeds!)
Michele: They [DR] brought me in and told me "you should cry, you should be sad."
Jordan: Michele, don't cry, you're Gucci.  Kevin, don't be sad, you're Gucci.

Gucci girl

Russell: Who takes the time to call in and do this?

kiss me

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