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the worst human being

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posted Thursday, 6 August 2009

Not much in the way of surprises tonight...BB kept us in a little suspense over the coup, but as soon as the feeders saw the hem of Jeff's almost-Dr. Will-tribute-shorts we knew.  And "coupe" d'etat was just too cute.  It's okay, we'll just call him Mr. Wizard.  The hardest part for Jeff is going to be not exploding with "don't worry, I'm the wizard" when Jordan complains for the 5000th time that they're going up.

Mr. Wizard and his damsel

The coverage of Monday Night Smackdown was a bit lacking.  I didn't expect the Ronnie/Kevin Hitler bits to make it to CBS, but I kind of thought Kevin's "HE'S WITH RUSSELL" speech would be in there.  I also was sure the water toss would make the show. And I would have loved to see the bit with Ronnie crying and Jordan laughing, but that wouldn't have served the purpose of building suspense for "will he stay or will he go?"

badger kev

(Ronnie's gone and I had a heck of a time even finding his parting you get a cap of his co-nom instead)

Jeff/Jordan making out while Ronnie pontificated was too funny.  As was Jeff's DR of "he's one of those...I can't say the word...."  All day today J/J were stressing that Julie was going to ask about the kiss....well, she was stressing, he was just amused.  He told her to say it was "magical" if she was asked....hmm...maybe he's trying to give her a wizard-clue.


Ronnie's speech was, well, whatever.  He's been practicing for days, and wanted to say something about Michele being schizophrenic or something, but he DR nixed that one. When he told Natalie and Chima that he wasn't allowed to reference an actual mental illness, Nat responded with "oh so you can't say the truth?"  Where'd you get your psychiatry degree Dr. Natalie? And the "you're the worst human being" comment was just silly, as were the fake tears.  Or maybe they were real--by getting kicked now he lost out not only on the prize money, but jury pay as well. The voting was no surprise; even Julie practically told Michele she didn't have to say anything.  About the highlight of it was Julie's flub calling Kevin "she."  Then it's bye-bye Ratty...and out to meet Julie.

nat chihoh

Then it's out to play HOH, not surprisingly, questions about the calls from last night.  I'm pretty sure Jeff had no intention of winning, just staying in long enough to make sure Jessie was out.  And it's actually ideal to have a JBT member be HOH.  See, I had this little dream....once I gave up on Jessie's Big Week 4 Surprise recycled, I thought here's the perfect scenario....someone from JBT, say Chima, wins HOH and nominates, say, Russell and Michele....Russell wins POV and vetoes himself and Chima repl-noms the Perfect Pawn, Jordan.  Then next Thursday, Mr. Wizard Jeff gets to stand up and say, "ladies, step down, Jessie, Natalie, step on up."  And then it's buh-bye Jessie again. As icing on the cake, I'd then love to see Jordan win the next HOH, but that's just getting greedy.

jessie's big surprise

michele russ


Line of the Day

Jeff: We've been in the fucking projects since we got here.

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