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to have and to hold

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posted Friday, 7 August 2009

Just the facts today...

The "no outside contact" rule was broken once again today when the HGs got a visit from Jeremy Piven, promoting his new movie.  They then went out to play a H/HN+luxury comp.  From what I gather, they were broken into 2 teams and it sounds like they had some sort of race to finish a task (possibly some theme related to the movie).  The Haves are Jordan/Jessie/Natalie/Russell, with Lydia/Kevin/Michele/Jeff being the Have-Nots.  The Have-Nots get liver and limes, the Haves get to watch the movie.  And Russell won $10K.

10G-man have-not michele


Jordan comes in and hugs Jeff, saying she's happy she finally won something.  He says congrats, but he's kind of grumpy about it. Then he says he just wanted to see the movie.  She offers to go to the DR and trade her spot with him (which they'd never let her do, but still...awww), he says that's okay.

to hold

Word's reached Lydia and Russell that they're this week's noms-to-be.  Russell is already working for votes, which is way premature pre-POV.  Not to mention the wizard power.  Chima's working everyone in the opposite direction.  She gets Natalie to say she'll vote out Russ over Lydia, despite hating Lyd, b/c it's what Queen Chima of the HOH Room wants (remember how well that logic worked on Jess/Nat last week?).  Jordan also says she'll vote Russell out and starts spilling all her stories about catching him in various lies.

natatattat re-nomed jordan


The noms are so set, I'm almost ready to update the Power Status page w/o actually waiting for the next round of trivia....but that's just asking to be proven wrong.  But still the way we're headed we're one step closer to Jessie's Big Surprise, Recycled.

queen chima jbs2

And this is just creepy:


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