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impotence of veto

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posted Saturday, 8 August 2009

So things are rolling right along to make my little coupe d'etat(©Jeff) dream come true.


First, let's jump back about 18 some point yesterday Michele said something to Natalie to the effect of she'd heard Lydia say to Jessie that she was after Jeff.  Now, Lydia had been on some sort of talking-strike and hadn't said a word since before noms.  (Eventually the DR called her in and told her she can't do that, she has to use her words like a good girl.) Anyway, Nat of course ran to Jessie w/what Michele said. Jessie then told Lydia.  Lydia said that's crazy, I wasn't talking at all.  Then she went and assured Jeff and Jordan that it wasn't true.  Since they'd not heard it anyway, they were just a tad confused.

argh michele

Then Natalie found out that Jessie had told Lydia, and Nat blew up at him.  She kept saying that he should stay out of things that don't involve him (of course, it did involve him, but whatever).  I started to wonder if Nat had just made the whole thing up, but a bit later Lydia confronted Michele, who admitted asking Natalie (and Kevin) if Lydia had said anything about Jeff because Michele thought she heard Lydia say that to Jessie.  Lydia made her "I was mute" speech and Michele said "maybe it was yesterday."  Since this supposedly took place when they were on some outdoor lockdown, it occurs to me it could have been before noms.  And if you want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I'd buy that what Lydia was really psst-pssting about was that she thinks Jeff's the wizard (as most of them now do).

used to be friends lydia

A bit later on Michele and Russell got into yet another re-hash of last weeks fight.  Apparently Michele made some comment to Chima about erectile dysfunction in rats after brain trauma, and it got spun into a joke about Russell. This has Russ all pissed off and Michele did her usual "I don't remember exactly what was said" thing.  She ends the confrontation, by storming into the house yelling "fuck you" (which Jeff, who was sitting there waiting to talk to Michele about the Natalie/Lydia/him story, somehow thought was directed at him).


Michele runs upstairs and cries to Chima and Natalie about what a mean boy Russell is.  Chima uses this chance to pitch her GrrlPower alliance idea.  They both jump on board, or claim to.  I'm pretty sure Michele will jump to whomever is in power, and Nat's pretty bonded to Jessie.  And despite how he spells his name, I don't think they'll take him in the Estrogen Alliance.  Not to mention, if Russell ends up staying, I wouldn't be shocked if Chima "forgives" him and jumps on his coat tails.  She's been telling everyone that he can't be beaten in physical comps, so I can totally see her using him for that. (P.S. Why did Chima go around with a man's tie around her head all night?)

mich hoh nat

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan continue to provide the cuteness for the feeds.  They played around a bit in the green room, and he even got her to rub his sore toe for a while...there's some line here about pulling a thorn out of the lion's doesn't quite fit, but still.  She does spend a bit of time trying to talk him into joining TeamChima and voting out Russell. She's worried that if they go against the group they'll be the next target.  He keeps trying to explain to her that even if they did join up with JBT, they'd be the most expendable members.  Better to save Russell and have some truer loyalty from him.  Since she doesn't know about the coup, and he can't tell her, it's hard to make the argument.  So he ends up saying "yeah, we'll tell Chima we'll do what she wants."  He also makes a point of saying that everything he does, he does for both himself and Jordan.

coupe toes smother with love

After a good night's sleep...or at least a night's sleep...they wake up and pick veto players.  It sounds like Chima picked Natalie, Russell got HG-choice and chose Jeff, then Lydia drew Jeff's actual name and had to pick again and got Kevin. Jessie's all ticked that Russell didn't chose him because now Jess has no chance at the POV and safety from the Wiz.  As for me that's a "check" step 3 in the coup-dream.

 sad nat

They go off and play POV and we come back to find that Kevin has won.  He and Lydia do a little dance in the bathroom, and then he tells her he's not planning to use it.  What?  He tells her that Chima told him before the comp. that if he wins and saves Lydia he will be JBTs number 1 target for next week.  Lydia's a bit nervous that she can't count on JBT to keep her (at minimum she needs 3 votes and Chima to break the tie).  They go up to talk to Chima, and in one of those bizarre-BB moments, they end up leaving both agreeing that it's better to leave noms as they are.

I have the power pov not-pov

Even Jessie tells Natalie that if Jeff is the Wizard, the best move is for him to get Jessie out b/c he'd only be pissing off Natalie.  Nat says Chima too, but Jess reminds her Chima can't play HOH next week.  Word on the street is that if the coup is used, Jeff won't have a vote and neither will Chima, eliminating the possibility of a tie.  So, if Jeff "wizzes" Jessie and Natalie up, as long as Russell/Jordan/Michele vote Jessie out, he's good.  The fact is they'd all be crazy to pass up the chance to kick Jessie. If he doesn't go now, esp. if Russell does go, I say there's a good chance Zippy wins all the marbles.


In the end, it may turn out to be the one veto that just really doesn't matter.  If Jeff coups on Thursday, the whole week will hardly matter, except that Chima and Kevin are both safe...but they were pretty safe anyway.

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