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posted Sunday, 9 August 2009

As usual, there's very little to say about the Sunday show.  The Jeremy Piven/movie stuff was, whatever.  I still don't like it when they break their own rules of "no outside contact" but they've always done that, so I can't really complain too much.  But with all the extra fluff for the movie promo, they never even let us know that the bonus food of the week was Liver & Limes.  You'd think the TVOVs who voted would want to know, esp. if they paid to vote (though I guess last week was online only since the coup voting was still open).  Speaking of the random food votes: Squeeze cheese and kimchi?  Seriously?  I don't actually know how to make kimchi myself, but from what I understand, it's a bit of a process.*  Also, it reeks....


Back to the show, I was a bit surprised they decided to air Chima's story.  Not that it's not already public info, it just seems like a bit too personal for the TV show.  Though it did give everyone a chance to say nice things about Chima for once.  And it was a good reminder that the HGs are all just people...with real problems and real lives, and not just the roles we try to stuff them into for BB.  Now, the fact that it all happened in the house weeks ago, that's another story.


Meanwhile, back in the house, Chima is going around constantly throwing the word "terrorist" around re: Russell.  The DR has already told her that's not cool, and she's trying to placate them by saying he's "terrorizing the house."  But they still keep sending us to fishies every time she starts in.  You'd think the HGs would eventually learn that attacking people personally, especially racially, is not a good idea.  It's one thing to attack them in the game, even like Ronnie the Rat.  But going after someone's race, culture, professionalism, whatever, generally doesn't serve you too well when you get back to your own real life.


The best part of the show was hearing Jeff say that he does have every intention of using the coup d'etat.  I'm sure the prods want to see him use it, rather than have another dud of a twist.  And I know the those who voted, and again, especially those who forked over their $1/txt msg, did so b/c they want something to come of it.  We're here for the drama, and letting the power just expire is hardly dramatic.  I'm getting a little worried that Jeff's going to buy into the lines he's getting from all of them about making too many enemies.  But I think he's smart enough to realize that they're not his friends anyway, and this is his chance to get rid of a big non-friend.  And I have to remember that when Jordan is pestering him about voting out Russell, she's only talking in comparison to voting out Lydia, not Jessie.

wizzed wizard

Much of the amusement of last night was provided by Jessie (who "does not drink") downing a bottle of wine, and then stumbling around trying to talk game with Jeff and Jordan.  It took me (and them) a bit to realize how tipsy he was since he doesn't make sense even when he's sober.  But eventually his red face and slurred words betrayed him. And if there was any doubt, the hangover he had this morning erased that.

drunkjessie hungover

Line of the Day

Natalie: And yes, fans, Russell is going home this week.  Actually, don't say that, because then he wizzes....


*I looked up a kimchi recipe and it's not complicated, I guess...just time consuming.  But since it's basically a preservative process I guess it makes sense that BB will just give them a truckload of it.  Assuming that's the choice that wins...but with the squeeze cheese, I say it's a shoo-in.

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