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posted Sunday, 12 July 2009

The veto ceremony went off as planned--Russell saved Lydia and Braden was repl-nom'ed.  They haven't been talking much about what was said, so we'll probably have to wait for Tuesday's show to find out what explanation Russ gave.  JBT is still trying to figure out how the plan got leaked (perhaps telling 90% of the house was not such a good idea).  Ronnie gave Pinhead a line about Jeff saying that he suspected something after the fight he had with Russell, and figured that since they couldn't get him they'd get the person closest to him, Braden.

safe caught not safe

Once again Jessie bought Ronnie's spool of lies, but Russell not so much.  The story doesn't make a whole lot of sense because a.) Jeff supposedly jumped to this conclusion during the POV ceremony so how would Braden have known, and b.) if they wanted the person closest to Jeff, they would have gone after Jordan.

sneak not fooled close

Speaking of Jordan and Jeff....the Showmance race appears to be on.  J/J are spending a lot of time cuddled in the hammock, and Jordan was completely ready to ditch gal-pal Lydia for him and his interests.  Last night when Jordan finally got in on the talks with JBT she kept telling Lydia that she should try to convince Russell to not use the veto.  Lydia refrained from asking on what planet she'd do that.

huh duh

Jeff and Jordan have a lot of CuteCouple potential, and even come with a side of jealousy from Laura.  She seemed to figure she'd be the hot chick of the house, and has commented one too many times that Jordan wants her out b/c she's jealous and doesn't want Jeff around Laura (it's just a little pot-kettle-black for me).

cc green

And then there's the odd nomance-showmance going on between Natalie and Jessie.  It seems pretty clear to me that he's in to her.  He takes every opportunity he can to touch her, and he's always trying to have non-game convos with her.  He's asked her a couple of times to sleep in his room, but she always bolts at the suggestion.  I heard him asking one of the other girls if she thought Nat was offended at that.  He knows she has a b/f and says "it's not like that" but they always say that.  And for her part, she rarely mentions the b/f (though she did say she is sure she wants to marry him) and she seems pretty happy to have a Jessie-puppy-dog, but at the same time she doesn't seem all that in to him.  But at least they're giving our favorite foot-fetish cam operator (yes, he's back) something to do.

T1 T2


And speaking of Natalie....I say she's going to get caught in her age lie real soon.  If she does 'fess up to the whole group, it will be interesting to hear her explanation (since we know she told Jessie, maybe we'll get that version on the show tonight).  She's come close to slipping a few times already.  The other night when they were all talking about relationships and she said she was sure she wanted to be with her b/f for the rest of her life, Chima laughed at her and said "yeah, I felt that way about someone at 18, and thank god I'm not still with him."  And last night they were all talking about how many times they auditioned and she said she'd tried out last year too.  Someone said "you tried out when you were 17?"

guess my age

More later, with show review.

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