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posted Sunday, 12 July 2009

The second show of a season is always one of the more fascinating.  First place most of the content happened pre-feed so we get to see what we missed.  Second, we get a sense of where the editing is headed.

So, my big takeaway from tonight's show?  Ronnie is a WEASEL.  Though the idea of an alliance between the brains and the brawn was not a bad idea, the way he went about it was just so weasel-y.  I did have to laugh at his comment that he could out-think Jessie....a cottonball could out-think Jessie.  And Ronnie's complete willingness to toss up his teammates as a "pawn" just capped the weaselness.


Jessie's still completely annoying.  Redemption?  Puh-leeze.  Natalie did score a few points with me with the "loser" speech.  But other than that she's just about as annoying as Jessie.

And now we know the truth of where the noms came from.  That Lydia came from Russell was no shock.  And knowing that Chima was a somewhat willing pawn explains why she didn't react to Natalie saying that Jeff picked her.  But it does add another dimension to that part of the fight--since Chima was "the pawn" screaming at the Jeff that he was responsible for her going up makes no sense.  And it just reinforces that Jeff is not truly part of that team.



We also now have the explanation for where the spin of "Chima wants to go home" came from.  Which is just silly.  So what? She was upset moments after being told she had to live on slop, take cold showers, and sleep on something resembling a metallic lego?  But it is a common "first out" reasoning.


And we got to see what jessie's been talking about for days with Laura saying he's the best looking guy in the house.  He keeps telling the story and saying how transparent it was, etc.....but he still keeps telling the story.  Her flirting was pretty embarrassing with what they showed on the show...and with the camera angles she keeps getting, she's got no choice but to fill her role....


After hearing Braden's bizarre DRs about what kind of bird he wants to be or whatever he was talking about, I'm just as glad that we haven't heard much from him on the feeds.

That the strip-tease thing made the show was no shocker, but they left out most of the best part: Casey's color commentary.


Not much going on on the feeds tonight.  Jessie and Russell spent a while putting weights on each other's laps...Michelle cooked dinner in her 4 inch heels....they did get alcohol, so maybe some drama will pick up later.

lapweights heels

Line of the Day

(Talking about some town in CA)

Braden: Yeah, I've been there.
Casey: Making a commercial?
Braden: No dude, a porno.
no dude 
ha ha

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