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it won't be the apology that's on youtube

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posted Monday, 13 July 2009

It was all about ignorance this afternoon.  We started out with a Lydia/Braden/Kevin convo about how Braden ended up on the block. Braden was blaming Lydia, and she was pretty much saying "look, I did what I had to do to save myself."  For some reason Kevin decided to volunteer that he threw Braden's name out.  So then Braden goes off on a tirade, calling Lydia things like ho/skank/slut, and Kevin a "beaner."


That last one is what sets off HouseWar I of BB11.  Lydia immediately jumps up with "don't disrespect a whole culture."  And Kevin responds with "I'm not even Mexican!"  (It's unclear to me if he would have been more or less offended by a slur that could have applied to him.)

It then turned into pretty much a house-wide fight.  I was getting very confused by a few of them.  Lydia in particular seemed to be going in circles.  She kept complaining that Jordan doesn't talk to her and when Jordan would say "yes, I do I came and talked to you about X" Lydia would respond with "That's right Jordan.  And you talk to Jeff and Braden all the time!"

talk to me

The Jeff/Kevin part of the fight was pretty odd too.  It seems tuna is very important to Jeff, at least to hear Kevin tell it.  There was also a very odd bit about K being mad that Jeff didn't tell Lydia her name came up, and then saying "so if I'm HOH and I mention Jordan's name, wouldn't you tell her?"  As soon as Jeff said yes, Kevin came back with "see? we can't trust you."

 jeff kevlyd

Jordan was making the most sense, but that was slightly overshadowed by her ear-piercing screaming.  The whole "I'm not going to be your friend if you talk to so-and-so" thing was all very junior high.  I'm betting we see it on the show, as it fits in so nicely with the theme.  How much of the original fight we see is iffy...CBS has to be careful about airing racist comments, but they'll need something to explain how Braden became public enemy #1.  We did get a line from him after a trip to the DR of "they were trying to get me to say..." [the end was fishied out], so that could lead to something.


Ronnie gave up a story about Braden telling him last night that he was going to do something today to cause major drama and get himself so hated that people would keep him because he'd be an easy-evict later.  It came from Ronnie, so who knows if it's true.  If it was true, Braden way overplayed it.  He's no Evel Dick....


Random lines of the fight:

Kevin: I was on TeamJeff until you came down that night and were like 'I knew Lydia was going up, but I wanted to go eat tuna.'
Jeff: I swear to God on my fucking mother that I didn't know you were going up.
Jordan: You are overexaggerating everything!
Kevin: This is not the real world, this is Big Brother.
Lydia: You didn't talk to me at all yesterday!  I had to come and tell you dinner was ready!
Kevin: If you talk to Braden now, FYI, I'm not going to like you.
Things calmed down amazingly quickly.  Michele's been getting dressed up just about every night, and tonight Jordan decided to join her.  I haven't seen much of Braden, though I heard Lydia telling a story of how he almost hit her with a pool cue.  And she said "Jeff's out there with him all buddy-buddy."

They got their booze delivery, but decided it wasn't quite enough and someone suggested that Jordan go up and flash Jessie to get the wine from his HOH basket.  Since Pinhead doesn't drink, I'm not sure why he even has wine, but whatever.  Jordan did trot up there, but Jessie was napping, and anyone who watched last season knows how much he does not appreciate being woken up.

lydia zippy blue dress


So, here's my take on everyone's position of the day:

Kevin: Braden's a bigot and anyone who acknowledges his existence is condoning his behavior.  Jeff's a horrible person because he knew Lydia's name was mentioned as a potential nom, didn't tell her, and ate tuna.
 lLydia: Jordan doesn't talk to me, and is therefore no longer my friend.  And Jordan shouldn't talk to anyone else.

Jordan: How did I get in the middle of this? I talk to everyone.

 caseyCasey: Don't say 'everyone.'
Jeff: I didn't know  Lydia was going up, so how could I have warned her?  I knew her name was mentioned, but so was everyone's. jef
 chiChima:  Hey, remember me? I'm nominated too....

Laura: My clique is imploding....but who cares, I'm safe.

 michMichele: Like my dress?
Jessie:  You woke me up.  That's disrespectful.
Ronnie: Excellent, all my evil plans are working.
Braden: Well, now that that's done, I'll just hang by the pool.

Natalie: Wait.  How old am I supposed to be again?

Russell: Whatever just happened, I'm sure it's Jeff's fault.

And I don't know what's going on here...but at least it's artistic.


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