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quantum mechanics

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posted Tuesday, 14 July 2009

So, if we all "flashback" to the same time, do we actually travel backwards?

I've got to hand it to Real....the flashback feature is awesome.  And today, anyone who missed it was going back to around 3ish to 4ish BBT to get the first real voyeurism moment of BB11.  Well, voyeurism isn't quite the right word-they built a little blanket tent for "privacy" and got to work.  Despite the best efforts of the camera operator, nothing completely conclusive was seen or heard....but there was definitely something going on.  And lots of action for foot-fetishers.  When it was all done, Jessie sent Lydia to fetch him a pair of shorts and even sent her back a couple times because he didn't like the color or something.

tb after foot nap

A bit later Natalie stops by HOH.  Jessie/Lydia tell her they were just's the only quiet bed in the house.  Nat's done something to her shoulder and is talking about the pain and how hard it is to do certain things.  Like change her clothes.  So, naturally, Lydia offers to help her.  Natalie declines.  She then tells the story of the medic who checked out her shoulder asking her to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10.  She says 8, and he told her "it can't be an 8, you'd be in horrible pain and crying."  She said "dude, I am in horrible pain, but I'm not going to cry about it."

sleepy sporty spice dopey

Technically, Jeff and Jordan won the honor of first bed-buddies (at least first that I saw) last night...but it seemed entirely innocent.  I'm still hoping for CuteCouple potential from them.  Though the 'homances are a big part of recent BBs, the showmances are more fun to watch.  And Russell also seems to be developing a little crush on Jordan.  They were talking last night and he asked her about Jeff, and she assured him they're just friends.  So we may even end up with a little love triangle.  And since Jeff and Russell already hate each other...and can't nominate each could be a lot of drama-fun.


russ jordan jeff

So, we also had a TV episode impresses me how the editing manages to make them look somewhat logical and coherent.  By the end it looked like a carefully thought out, reasonable plan for the veto Lydia/b-d Braden thing.  They barely touched on Ronnie's weaselness....though now we now that he *did* spill to Braden, not just to Jeff/Jordan to pass it on.  And they showed him revealing his "international persuasive speaker" status to Chima ("just you, I haven't told anyone else"), but didn't go for the real laugh of showing him saying the exact same words to Jessie.  And they spared Jessie by not showing his extreme gullibleness for Ronnie's act.  Lydia's clearly not the prods favorite...they seem to be setting her up as manipulative/instigator/slut....which to be fair, she kinda is.

chima weaseel braden

The veto comp was gross...and embarrassing.  Russell basically won by default.  And Natalie?  Really?  "Last"? If she was throwing the comp and being ironic, I could respect that....but she doesn't seem that witty.  And no one even tried for antidisestablishmentarianism. 

true wit?

Line of the show goes to Casey for:

Laura: It's not my fault I have big boobs!
Casey: Uh, yeah it one made you get implants!

I heard Laura swearing she was all natural the other day, and I didn't believe it for a second....less that 48 hours later she was comparing implant stories with Jordan, and they were both letting the guys check out the merchandise.


So to wrap up the high-school-ness of this afternoon, Lydia sits down with gal-pal Kevin and gives him the account of her escapades.   The other day when she set off after Jessie, Lydia said to Kevin, "with these 2 fingers I will save myself."  So today she tells him that she did just that (uh, were already safe....).  She also promises to keep Kevin updated as she makes further progress with Pinhead.

gp gp

Apparently they're playing musical beds tonight with Natalie and Chima going to HOH.  Lydia's already plotting to get Jessie to come downstairs with her.  And just in case you thought Nat was out of the running...she managed to get quite a lengthy massage out of Jessie.

massage zippy gotcha

Lines of the day:

Jessie: (as they're setting up the blankie-tent) Just don't pull on it.
Lydia: I don't think he's doing *that* with Natalie.
Lydia: When I look at him, I don't see muscles.
Kevin: Ha.  That's all I see.
Lydia: (to Kevin) You're the only one I've told.  You're the only one in the world who knows.
Lydia: But I don't know if he likes me.
Kevin: Oh, female, stop.

Natalie: (about the viewer questions for the HOH Twitter) Do you get to read the questions?
Jessie: No, I can't read....*

Russell: (about a motorcycle accident he was in) I was thrown 105 feet.  The world record is 115.
Michele: Yeah, but that's not a record you want to break, you'd be dead.
Russell: But it would be cool.  I'd be in the Guinness Book of World Records.


* Okay....there was more that sentence, but it's funnier my way.

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