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naughty children

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posted Wednesday, 15 July 2009

There's something disturbing about this...sure they were hours apart, but it's not like anyone washed the sheets or anything.  Pinhead can't keep track of who is under his covers.

g2 g1 jess

We got our first bath buddies of the season tonight (there's something wrong when we get bed buddies before bath buddies...).  The girls used the time to talk about flipping the vote to keep Braden.  It's not terribly exciting as Wednesday Night Waffling goes, with Jordan even saying at one point that if they can't swing keeping Braden they should "vote with the house."  None of the real naughty screencaps here....they're out there....but this is a family site.  Innocent

 bath buds bud3 who me?

I've decided that "vote with the house" will be added to my list of hated BB misnomers (right up there with "pawn").  The house doesn't get a vote...unless you count DR tampering.  The b-d-B plan is pretty much a done deal.  The kick-Braden voters are sure to include Natalie, Russell, Lydia, and Kevin.  Laura and Ronnie are both almost as sure.  The save-Braden campaigners are Jordan, Jeff and Michele...they think they have Laura/Ronnie, but I doubt it.  Casey's the official "wild card" of the house....both sides think they have him, and it's unclear who's right.

side1 wc side2

That's all for now, kids....

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