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'ho, no she di'n't

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posted Thursday, 16 July 2009

Well, now that liveshow sure had its moments....Julie's little maternity dress had some poofy thing going on that was awfully distracting.  CBS edited The Fight to keep the most controversial words off the air, making it look like it was all about Lydia being called a bitch, etc.  And then after all that Chima stands up and in her live "save me" speech reveals the 'beaner' comment, bleeped by CBS, but eliciting gasps from the the studio audience.  And then she says "and he called Julie Chen a whore."  Again, bleeped by CBS, but the HGs have verified the wording since the feeds came back.  And that got a big gasp from the audience.  Next time we saw Braden, he had his coat on, ready to go.

b  c

The votes went down as expected by most out here....Jordan/Jeff/Laura/Michele/Casey vote to evict Chima; Russell/Natalie/Lydia/Kevin/Ronnie vote to evict Braden, and Jessie breaks the tie and kicks Braden.  I was all prepared for an awkward chat with Julie, but she's a pro, and he was polite enough.  He said to her "I guess we have a lot to talk about."  "Yes we do," responds Julie.  She asks him who he thinks sold him out, he guesses Ronnie, Michele, or Casey.  Julie confirms Ronnie.


FWIW, Braden's comment word was 'ho, not whore.  I didn't hear it at the time, but one of the HGs said tonight that he was talking about Jessie, not Julie and threw Julie's name in as a joke.  Still not a wise choice.  But I don't think Chima really did herself any favors with her speech....the votes were going as they did anyway.  And though I don't think anything she said could have gotten CBS in FCC trouble the way BB9 Matty's liveshow f-bomb did/may have, clearly they felt the need to bleep her.  And the TVOVs (TV-only viewers, for those new to my lingo) are probably frickin' confused.  The "Julie" part of the comment didn't make it out from behind the bleep, so they probably figure the mysoginist comment was just about what he said to Lydia.


So, anyway, then it's out to HOH, and weasel wins it.  The best thing about it is that he's going to have to pick a side.  The house is truly divided, and Ronnie's still trying to convince everyone he's with them.  Clearly they all know that someone is lying about their vote.  Ronnie admits to JBT that he's lying to the other side and saying he voted out Chima.  He tries to convince the other side that it's Michele who flipped. She's a great decoy for him b/c he can say she's the hinky vote, but not have to explain why he's not nom'ing her for it....since he can't.  He told Michele he thinks it's Casey.  Casey seems likely to be Ronnie's actual target.  My guess is he tells each side he's pawning them against a real target from the other.

jbt mich

russell casey

But Laura's got him all figured out.  Casey and Michele both admit to Chima that they voted against her and took their tongue lashings for it.  Laura points out that they wouldn't have put up with that if they didn't have to.  And she points out that now the 2 sides are focused on each other, and Ronnie's up there all zippity-do-dah.


jeff jordan

Weasel's DR tonight with the "I'm not the replacement nominee? bah-hahahaha" and then some "puppetmaster" references he's made in the house make it clear he's another wannabe-Dr. Will.  And now with Dan coming back (likely for the food/have-have not comp.) it could get to be like a bad Elvis look-alike pagent.  If Ronnie shows up with black and white tribute shorts....I'm leaving.

you sir are no dr will

That's all for now....maybe more later; perhaps we'll get our first HOH perp walk of the season.


Lie of the Day:

Ronnie: I swear I voted out Chima.  [plus every other word out of his mouth]

Line of the Day:

Chima: (to Michele) I'm sorry I threw my corsage at you.

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