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posted Saturday, 15 August 2009

So, where did we leave off? Oh right, they were off behind the fishies to play a new HOH comp.  Michele gets one of the shortest reigns ever.


But first.  The official statement from CBS came out as: 

"Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show's jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show."

So, they're calling it an eviction, not an expulsion.  And they're taking the position that it was their choice, not hers.  There are still many saying she quit.  Really, we'll never know.


Back to sounds like they re-tooled the veto comp. to be an HOH comp.  It was something with the putt-putt golf thing, and a pick-your-prize theme.  They just swapped in HOH for the POV medallion.  It took a while to get the scoop when they emerged from behind the trivia, but eventually we learn that JORDAN WON!

new HOH

I haven't been so happy about an HOH turn of events since this:


Sounds like everyone else won something....Natalie got a phone call from home, Jeff got a Hawaiian vacation, Russell a "spa" something, Kevin another cash prize, and Lydia got a new take on the red unitard: a superhero costume.  It seems Michele did not get to play, but hosted...and somehow got injured.  It doesn't seem quite right that she didn't get to play; after all, Chima got to play after her overturned HOH.  But the comp was designed for 6...and Michele got lucky.  Had Lydia or Natalie won, Mich would be hitting the block.

As it was, we come back to one of the biggest fights even for this group.  Lydia was standing on the bed and screaming at Jeff and Michele incoherently.  Natalie had said earlier that Lyd was drunk, and she sure did sound it.  Jeff asked "what is wrong with you right now, seriously? Are you drunk?"  She denied it, and this time Natalie came to her defense saying she hadn't been drinking, that she'd "dumped out the champagne."  I don't know about that, though a bit later Lydia did dump out Michele's HOH basket beer.

lyd nat jeff

Lydia was all over Jeff, saying his use of the coup was what had sent Chima over the edge.  He said it was just part of the game.  Her counterargument was that Boogie didn't use it Season 7 b/c "he knew it would be bad for the game."  Uh, wrong, wrong, wrong.  He didn't use it the second week he had it b/c he won HOH and it was irrelevant.  And the first week he had it he kind of did "use" it by reminding George that "a power exists in this house" and basically cornering George into nominating Howie rather than Will and George had been planning. There's always been some argument as to whether Boogie lost the coup by telling other HGs he had it (he may have told Will, and he certainly hinted to them all when trying to manipulate George).  CBS has taken the position that he just never used it, and couldn't have during his own HOH.  Regardless, he certainly didn't decide not to use it "because it would be bad for the game."  But we digress.

At one point Kevin gets brought into the fights and when he declares his own innocence, Jeff tells him that while he may not have done anything himself, he needs to talk his teammies down sometimes.  Kev goes on about how he's not responsible for what they do and just b/c he's friends with someone doesn't mean he's condoning their behavior.  Oh, how short the hamster memory long ago was it that Kevin was saying anyone who spoke to Braden was condoning his behavior?

 kevocrite sigh

Next Lydia went off on Michele, calling her a bipolar bitch, etc.  They screamed back and forth for a bit, and at some point it came out that during the comp Lydia had called Jordan fat and a 'ho.  Really, Lydia? Jordan's a 'ho?  Isn't that a little pot-kettle-black? A bit later, Michele and Jordan were talking in the green room, and Lydia walked by opened the door and slammed it into the wall. Michele got up to close it and yelled "where's your unitard, bitch?!"

nichele & her monkey

A bit later Lydia comes out with some manic-panic pink hair dye, which the DR gave her.  I was wondering how it was going to look with the red unitard, but it didn't turn out so bad.  By the time she actually got into the costume, her mood seemed to have picked up some.

c-u pinkie

There haven't been any nominations yet, but Nat/Lydia are pretty confident they're headed to the block.  Lydia told Nat she's going to raise holy hell all week so that everyone will want to evict her to "protect" Natalie.  Of course, most of us think, and Jordan finally says it, that really Lydia just wants to go off and have time alone with Jessie in the JH.  Jordan told Michele and Jeff that she plans to nom Lydia/Natalie, and they should act as if they're going after Lydia all week, but in the end kick Nat. 

It seems they've been told the nomination ceremony won't be until Monday, so a lot could change between now and then.  My guess is that BB will use the comps planned for the double-eviction, so the POV should be something fairly quick. If noms aren't until Monday, the Sunday show will probably cover Chima's meltdown and the new HOH.  Then Tuesday will be noms and maybe veto...or veto might get held until Thursday.  If they end up not doing a FF on Thursday (which I'm guessing they won't in order to stay on schedule) there should be time to cover the veto, or at least the veto ceremony, then voting and new HOH.

Jordan finally gets her HOH room around 8:50 BBT, though the reveal is blocked from the feeds.  They come back to her reading her letter, but there's no audio until she's on the last sentence.  Lydia boycotted the whole thing, staying downstairs under the covers in the darkened red room. It seems Jordan didn't really want her there after the 'ho comment, but I'm not sure if she actually told Lydia that.  Usually BB requires attendance at HOH reveals, I think.

room cookie dough bunny

After everyone other than Jeff leaves HOH, poor Jordan breaks down saying she's so happy for her family that they got a new house (news from the letter), but feels bad b/c she used to complain about sharing a room and her mom said she gets her own in the new place.  She also feels bad b/c her brother is making her car payments while she's away, and other things her family is doing for her.  She says she really hopes if she doesn't make it to the F2 that at least she wins $10K or something in a comp. so she can do something for them.  Oh, sweetie, if you don't make it to the final 2 you are such a shoo-in for the jury prize.

jeff poor jor

It sounds like the HOH comp came down to Jeff and Jordan, and Jeff told her she could have it.  She said no, play it out.  She keeps thanking him for "giving it" to her, but the others are saying she got a hole in one to win, so she truly earned it.  Jordan is the most gracious and humble winner, and even insists on sharing with Michele since she got only a day and a half as HOH.

j j m

Lines of the Day:

Natalie: You've played all sides of this game. 
Michele: I've been loyal to exactly one side. 
[Yeah, her own.]
Kevin: I've spent my entire time here being a fucking therapist.
Natalie: (about Chima) Dude, she quit the game.  Do you think she would wear a unitard?
Jeff: (to Jordan after she cried reading her HOH letter) Go clean your eye make-up, Tammy Faye.
[Jeff did something to scare Russell as he was walking out of HOH...I didn't see it, but heard Russ scream.]
Russell: I asked [the DR], did  you get that? And he was like, no, unfortunately the camera wasn't on you. 
Jeff: They didn't get that?  Damn, I thought there was like 10,000 cameras in here. 
Michele: When you started crying reading your letter, I almost cried.
Jeff: Dude, *I* almost cried. 
Kevin: If I play and win, and I'm not in it (on the block), I'd take Lydia off, but she wouldn't take me off.
[I came in a bit late on this so I might have missed something...but really Kevin?  Wasn't it just last week that you *didn't* use the veto on Lydia?!] 
Jordan: Michele, bring your picture of your husband up here and put it in that frame.  I mean it, you didn't have an HOH room, we can share it.
Michele: No, no, it's okay, really.
Jordan: No, I want you to.  Seriously, you're going to make me mad if you don't....and bring your snacks and stuff up here too.
Jeff: I had no one in here when there were 13 people.  And then Jordan came around and talked to me and then a few others.
Russell: I told everyone that was just between you and me, and I didn't tell them not to talk to you.
Jeff: Whatever man, that seems like it was a fucking eternity ago. 

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