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who do you trust?

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posted Monday, 17 August 2009

The drama in the house today has all been about trust.  Jordan's in power (or really Jeff and Jordan are in power) so everyone is doing some major sucking up.  Michele has barely left Jordan's side since she won HOH, to the point where Jeff asked Jordan today where her shadow was.  Michele even talked Jeff into sleeping in the HOH bed last night, but then she climbed in too.  Sure, Jordan did invite her to share the HOH room, but I feel like she's taken it a bit far.

3bed mich jor

Meanwhile, Kevin/Natalie/Lydia came up with a complicated tale to spin to Jeff/Jordan saying that they had overheard Russell/Michele conspiring and making a F2 deal.  The ironic part is that R/M pretty much have done exactly what K/N/L are saying.  So, Kevin went off to whisper in Jeff's ear, and later Jordan's, to try to plant some seeds of doubt.  Even before he started sowing said seeds, J/J were starting to wonder if they ought not get rid of Russell sooner rather than later.

kev nat lyd

Russell has picked up on not being J/J's BB-BFF anymore and is wondering why.  He's assuming they're starting to turn against him, and he's trying in his own way to get back in their good graces.  Unfortunately for him, all his attempts to be friendly are just making them more suspicious.


But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.  J/J have agreed that while they maybe can't trust Mich/Russ, they need to get rid of Natalie or Lydia this week (preferably Natalie) to keep the "numbers" in their favor.  Then next week, they'll see who wins HOH and hope that the two sides will start to pick each other off.  And if J/J end up being targets, they're hoping they've maintained enough good will with everyone that they can survive.

jordan jeff

Oh, and by the way, Jordan did nominate Lydia and Natalie earlier.  POV comp. is scheduled for tomorrow, it seems.  The POV ceremony could be Wednesday, or possibly held until the liveshow.  We'll know when we know.

In other news, we had yet another violation of the "no outside contact" rule...(I don't know why I don't just give up on that)...the "spa" thing that Russell won in the PHOHV (that's the POV they converted into an HOH comp) was some sort of massage, etc.  He got a masseuse for a while this evening.  Apparently she wasn't allowed to talk to him, but I'd still call that "contact."  The funny thing was that when I first noticed a new person on the feeds, I was wondering for a second if they'd replaced Chima or something. "The role of Chima is now being played by...."

massage masseuse

I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow's show, though I'm guessing I'm going to be disappointed.  I can't imagine they'll really give us the drama we deserve, despite all the ads and Julie's teasing on the Early Show.

And this I just thought was a cool and unusual shot....


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