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you don't need to sit down

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posted Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The TVOVs might have needed to sit down for tonight's show, but the livefeeders were not so shocked.  If anything, Chima's exit was much less dramatic than we'd been led to believe.  I'm sure the real action went on after she was led through that Diary Room outer door.  Or maybe not.

have a seat

They kind of  overdramatized her "rule breaking since Day 1."  If being slow to respond to a DR summons were a capital BB offense half the past HGs would have been gone way at some point.  The did throw in her FCC threat, which I honestly think is the main reason the prods would want her gone.  Sure, a microphone is an expensive piece of production equipment (it kind of freaked me out how closely AG's words matched mine from Saturday, btw), but an FCC fine could put a much bigger dent in their pocketbooks.

In any case, it was also clearly the case that Chima couldn't handle being nom'ed as anything other than a pawn, and really did have a problem with having her HOH power taken away, and she was ready to go of her own accord.  In the end, I think she has too many control issues (perhaps rightfully so, given her past experiences) for BB to have been a good choice for her.  Big Brother by definition is controlling, and anyone who can't deal with that should stick to the real world.

I was happy with the explanation for why Michele didn't get to play in the new HOH comp.  The prods position was that since one of her nominees had left, regardless of how she left, Michele had gotten an HOH.  The previous week neither of Chima's noms left, so she didn't get an HOH, and therefore got to play again.  I suspect someone came up with that reasoning after the fact, but it still works for me.

Also, if there was any doubt, Jeff did throw the PHOHV comp to Jordan.  And, yes, Lydia was drunk.

So now that that's done...back to the house.

They haven't played a POV comp yet, so it's looking more and more likely it will be during the liveshow.  I'm a little nervous for Jordan if she has to make a decision on the spot, but hopefully the DR will run her through enough "what-ifs" that she'll be okay.  Oh, and speaking of Jordan--one more note about the show...what we got of her HOH reveal and letter reading was adorable, and I'm now even more ticked they blocked it from the feeds.


BB gave the HGs cards a few days ago, so they've been playing various games, and trying to use them as study aids.  We don't have any true Jedi-drillers again this year.  When it comes down to those types of comps, I suspect Michele will be the one to take them, unless her "I have a terrible memory" line is for real.

cards discard

Jeff and Jordan finally got the HOH room to themselves last night, and Michele went back to her pool room bed.  But it was a totally innocent naughty children in this HOH bed.  I still say Jeff's too good to be true....he cooks, he cleans, he's a perfect gentleman....and now we find out he gardens too.

just sleeping the constant gardner

I haven't heard much from Nat/Lydia lately, but that's mostly because I mute or switch the feeds whenever they start talking.  So all I've got is that Kevin and Natalie are starting to dress alike, and Lydia's still in the Capt. Unitard Uniform...most of the time.

kev nat lyd

Russell and Michele seem to be building up their alliance even more, and backing up the Kev/Lyd/Nat lie quite nicely.  They are two strong and smart players, and it wouldn't shock me to see the two of them at the end, especially if they start staying genuinely loyal to each other.  But with their history, I also won't be shocked to see an implosion of that alliance pretty soon.

new allies

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