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wednesday night waffles

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posted Wednesday, 19 August 2009

One thing that has been missing from BB11 is the last minute waffling.  But it's back.  And how.


Jeff and Jordan are becoming infected with HOH-paranoia, thinking that there's something going on in the house that they're missing because they're up in the HOH ivory tower.  Well, there is a lot a going on in the house that they're missing.


Let's review:

Jeff/Jordan have the super-strong-showmance alliance (S3x).  Then they joined up with Michele/Russell to form a Final4 alliance.  Michele/Russell have formed sort of a loose sub-alliance, simply as a result of not being part of the S3x alliance.  Meanwhile on the other side of the house we have Kevin/Natalie/Lydia in the abandoned Jessie's Brain Trust alliance (AJBT). Kevin realizes that they've got to do something about the F4, so he comes up with the True Lie plan.  K/N/L decide to tell J/J that M/R made a F2 deal of their own.  Which they think is a lie, but is actually true.  With me so far?


To further aid AJBT, Michele and Russell seriously don't trust each other, so they're each saying not such nice things about the other to J/J. And at the same time, Kevin has started planting seeds about the True Lie.  For a while J/J were going to wait to see how the veto fell out before confronting M/R about anything.  But by today they figured out that the veto isn't happening until during the liveshow, so that plan won't work.

russ mi

Then last night J/J get into a conversation with Natalie, where she plants her own True Lie seeds.  By the end of it she has them believing that she was "trapped" in JBT and has wanted to work with them all along.  They've decided they believe her, and the kick-Nat plan is now pretty much off the table.


This afternoon the big confrontation gets going.  I didn't see how it started, but it seems that J/J decided to talk to M/R together and try to figure out who's lying and who's not.  The major points of questioning were a.) Did Russell say in the Splish-Splash room, that he wants Jeff out next week? b.) Do Michele and Russell have an F2 deal? and c.) Did Russell say he was working out with Jeff to break him down so he'd lose an end. comp.?

jordo jeffo

Now, a.) and b.) pretty much make up the True Lie.  AJBT are claiming to have overheard this convo between Russell and Michele in the pool room.  The real convo that was closest to the True Lie apparently took place in the storage room.  And c.) really did happen...I heard that one myself last night.

russo micho

So, J/J start asking Russell about these things that Michele has told them.  He stays calm and denies the "get Jeff out next week" bit.  Jeff trots out Kevin and Natalie and gets them to say (or nod) that they overheard this "splish-splash room conversation."  (It gets very hard to take seriously an argument that repeatedly includes the phrase splish-splash.) Michele's denying the location part of the story, and Russell's denying the "next week" part of it.  Russell admits that he told Michele he wants Jeff out eventually.  As in if the 4 of them get to F4 Russ would rather be against Michele over Jeff or Jordan in F2, and (this part wasn't stated, but it's pretty clear) Jordan has less chance of winning part of the Final HOH, so Jeff should go 1st of the F4.  Russell also freely admits that he made a Final 2 deal with Michele; the kick-Jeff thing is really just a part of that.  Eventually they sort out enough truth and confessions to conclude that Kevin and Natalie heard things out of context.

lyd kev

Then on to the workout comments.  Russell completely denies them, and Michele's lost enough credibility that even though she's 100% telling the truth, J/J don't quite buy it.  Eventually Jordan says maybe Russ said something in a joking manner that Michele took seriously.  Michele says no way, he was totally serious. And meanwhile, Kev/Nat/Lyd are inside dancing and celebrating their True Lies victory.

dance and shout

In the end they hug it out...sort of.  Jeff tries to wrap things up by saying they need to stick together and not let the other 3 see cracks in their alliance.  Michele's still super-pissed at Russell, and he's pretty ticked at her too.  Then they have a little chat about whom to get out this week, Lydia or Natalie.  Since J/J now have something of a deal with Nat, they're pitching kick-Lydia.  Michele's all down with that.  Russell still wants Natalie gone, but says he'll go with the team.  Jordan asks what if one of them vetoes herself and it's one vs. Kevin.  Russ makes a pitch for kick-Kevin, pointing out that he's likely the best of the bunch.  They all consider it, but no one wants to commit and they end up saying probably the noms won't change.

hug1 hug2

They don't cover what the other side is hoping for: what to do if Kevin wins the POV and saves one of the girls.  If Russ or Michele goes up as a repl-nom, they're likely to go.  Obviously Kevin and whichever was saved of Nat/Lyd would evict R/M....the non-nomed of R/M might also take the chance to get rid of the other, as might Jeff.

In other news today, Jordan did the HOH blog/camera thing....and Natalie had Lydia take out the braids she spent hours upon hours putting in over the last couple of days.  And they're talking about redoing them tomorrow.  Round and round we go.....

blog cam debraided

Here are the alliances I see today (alliance names are mine):

Jordan+Jeff=Super Strong Showmance (S3x)
Russell+Michele=Least of the Evils for Final 2 (LotEF2)
S3x+LotEF2=Final 4 (F4)
Natalie+Lydia=Abandoned Jessie's Brain Trust (AJBT)
Kevin+Natalie=True Lies Alliance (TLA)
S3x+TLA=Covering Our Bases Alliance (COBA)
So, I think the only ones that have really made progress are the TLA and COBA.  Natalie was the Prime Target at the start of Jordan's HOH and now she's pretty sure to stay. But Wednesday night is young, and there could be much more waffling before someone strolls out to Julie tomorrow.  As always....we'll know when we know.

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