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flipping lyd

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posted Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lydia: Did you see me flip a table?


No, Lydia, we didn't. (Julie said yes.)  BB has at times been worse about keeping stuff from us, but we've missed a lot recently. Jordan's HOH reveal, Chima's exit (that one's understandable), Lydia's table flipping....and now we're 30 minutes into a HOH "endurance" comp. that will last *at most* an hour.  I know I complain about this with every end. comp. but come on! What's the point of "to watch this competition play out, tune into the 24 hour livefeeds" if they're not going to show it?


Well, whatever...nothing I can do about it.  So back to the show.  Lydia's post-eviction Julie-chat was one of the better ones.  She was coherent, not too bitter, and put the money thing in a decent perspective.  Honestly, I don't have much to say about the show.  The re-tooled HOH POV was pretty straightforward, but I wonder what they originally had in mind for the FF POV.  And Jordan, who so many thought couldn't win anything, becomes the first BB11 HOH to win their own week's POV.

double winner

No real surprise that Jordan didn't use it...the only thing that raised an eyebrow for me (and should definitely raise Russell and Michele's eyebrows) was that J/J went off to chat with Kevin during their "strategy time."  From what we heard it sounded like they were telling him why they couldn't b-d Russell.  Oh, and speaking of "they"...for all the flack that Jessie/Natalie got for being co-HsOH...notice Jeff's language..."maybe we have to backdoor him this week."  But it's not as if they aren't a known team.

new hoh

And....the feeds come back and "they" are HsOH again.  6:35 BBT, they're in the kitchen snacking, and annoyingly not saying who won.  But Jeff seems happy, and finally confirms that he won. He says he gave things to the Buddha in the kitchen and last week he came in second, and this week he won.  Since we only got a few seconds of feeds during the comp, this is all I've got for screencaps.

comp outgoing

Jumping back to the show for a minute....the portrayal of the True Lie was annoying just because they pretty much left out that it was true.  Though, it was interesting to get the pool room convo.  The True Lie turns out to be even closer to the truth than I realized.

So, as Julie would say...what's in store for the house now that Jeff is in control? Hard to say.  About all we know for sure is that the S3x alliance is still going strong (and they get to keep the HOH room for another week...more cuteness and cuddling).  It's a pretty interesting Final 6, and they've paired off nicely.  We've got Jeff/Jordan, Kevin/Natalie, and Russell/Michele (I've decided to rename them the Last Resort Alliance b/c the name I came up with yesterday was a pain to type).  Jeff/Jordan are in the best position, having some sort of deal with each of the other pairs.  But now Jeff will have to pick a side.

jeff jordan

kevin natalie

russell michele


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