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frustration rising

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posted Saturday, 22 August 2009

I didn't post yesterday because nothing happened.  I mean, sure, Jeff nominated Natalie and Kevin, but that was so expected that they barely needed to have the ceremony.

eh-oh nat

The evening was also pretty much a whole lot of nothing.  They all went to bed pretty early, maybe expecting an early veto comp. today.  Jeff and Jordan spent most of the evening playing cards (things like GoFish!) and having rather bizarre snippy-fights.  He was on her case about not playing the game enough and putting all the work on him.  She kept telling him to stop yelling at her.  They kind of sounded like they were seriously frustrated with one another, except for the fact that they both were laughing through the entire thing.  Then Jeff started in on how she won't make out with him and what not....and then the frustration-explanation light bulb finally came on.

jeffrust jorgrin

They played the veto comp. today and it sounds like some sort of OTEV thing where they had to find dolls representing HGs.  It seems there was also some aspect of using a rope to pull themselves up a greased slide.  And it sounds like Casey was there to host the comp. (Update/correction: from later HG comments, Casey's "hosting" was recorded; he wasn't actually there.  Probably in part to be sure there was no chance of any communication.)  It seems it came down to Jeff and Michele and they were looking for a Braden-doll.  Russell was getting nervous and Jordan asked him on the sidelines why he was worried since they have the F4 alliance. Then Jeff won...and Russell got more nervous.


Back inside most of them were sitting around the table, and Russ was off napping in the green room.  (Small aside, it seems the Have-Not rules have been "clarified" to allow sleeping anywhere during the day, and only limited to the asylum room between midnight and wake-up call time...this was not the case earlier in the season when Jessie and Natalie were scolded repeatedly for sleeping in the GR while on HN.)  Anyway, back out at the dining room table, talk turns to Jessie and Jeff confronts Natalie about why she was such a little lap dog to Jessie.  She denies being his bitch, and just says that he did as much for her in terms of cooking, laundry, etc. as she did for him.

table click

who me? you

Russell finally comes out and joins them, but doesn't say much of anything.  Later, up in HOH he tells J/J that he just can't stand listening to Kevin/Nat acting as if they were completely innocent in everything that Jessie and Lydia did, and now that J/J are in power they're suddenly all best friends.  Jeff says he's well aware of how full of shit Natalie is, and that he's not letting her get away with things.  Then Russell and Jeff get into a bit of a spat about their past conflicts.  Something about bed trading and other things that happened during the first few weeks. 

russell technodude

A bit later Michele comes up to the HOH room with a story of Kev/Nat coming in to the pool room and stealing her blanket right off of her.  Jeff doesn't think that sounds quite right and when he goes downstairs K/N tell him that they were taking the blankets from the pool room since no one is sleeping in there this week (M/R are in the asylum room and J/J are in HOH) and they didn't realize Michele was in there. It's an insignificant event, but it shows a.) how tense everyone is, and b.) how quick they all are to take anything they can to use against each other.

michele kev

At the moment the plan is for Jeff to veto Kevin and toss Russell on the block, then Jordan/Kevin will vote to evict Russell and Michele can do whatever she wants.  J/J's thinking is that if they kick Russell, Michele will float to them next week since she can't go to the K/N, and Kev/Nat will still target Michele.  The only way they think they'll have a problem is if Kevin or Natalie wins HOH and Michele wins POV.  They may be underestimating their threat as a pair.  It could be that whoever wins next week will target them just to split them up.  But they'd have that same problem with Russell in the game.

 power queen jordan

And Russell's not dumb...he's clearly suspicious that the backdoor is coming his way.  He's already trying to get in Jeff's ear and get him to leave the noms alone.  So far he hasn't made much progress.  But look for some campaigning in that way over the next day and a half.  And no matter what happens on Monday, I'd say look for a Russ blow-up sometime soon.


Late-breaking addition:  I was just about to post when Kevin and Natalie started having a conversation, partly in Spanish, about nom'ing J/J and kicking Jeff next week.  To me the interesting part was the substance of the convo, and the fact that I was right that J/J should realize that K/N will not necessarily go after Michele if Russ goes this week.  But to BB the interesting part of the convo was the language.  They repeatedly told them to "stop that."  They switched to pig latin, and kept getting "stop that"s.  Then Kevin asked Jeff if he knew PL and when Jeff said something he too got a "stop that."  Jordan was in the DR, and they apparently sent her out and called Nat/Kev in together to tell them that speaking languages other than English was grounds for expulsion.  Whoa.  Who knew?  I knew other languages (including sign language) were verboten (oops....) but I didn't think it was up there with perpetrating violence against HGs or microphones.


Lines of the Day

Jeff: And now I've got tampons and shit in the bathroom.  It's like I'm married but without any of the benefits.
Russell: It's so frustrating listening to them now that their friends are gone pretending they weren't aware of everything. I was in the room for some of that; I know what happened.
Jeff: (about Natalie) You sat on the bed and throw in your 2 cents, while Jessie's making no sense.
Michele: I was never really on Team Jessie.  He forced me to be.
Jeff: Whatever.  People make their own decisions.
Russell: I smashed my Jessie in half.  (some reference to the veto comp.)
Jeff: People need to relaxi-taxi in here.
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