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before and after

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posted Sunday, 23 August 2009

So BB tried to pass off the confrontation between the Jeff/Jordan Super Strong Showmance (S3x) and the Russell/Michele Last Resort Alliance (LRA) as happening after Jeff won HOH, rather than before the Thursday liveshow, when S3x incidentally had an opportunity to b-d Russell.


It will all make perfect sense to the TVOVs since Jeff is still on the kick-Russell plan.  And had BB admitted that the confrontation happened earlier, it would be hard to explain why they kept Russell last week.  Especially since they conveniently left out the making-up and hugging-it-out portion of the exchange.

hats off

The bit about Michele's job was just annoying.  Of course no one understands what she does, and I'm sure she is committed and hardworking and all.  But to imply that she works 7 days a week?  Puh-leeze.  And if it's so competitive and she cares more about curing cancer than making money, what's she doing taking 3-4 months to sit around the BB house? Hmmm?

dr. mich

Jeff the gardener was clearly for the TVOVs.  Livefeeders know he's hot...and that all the other HGs have noticed.  And he knows it, and he's milking it.  In fact the other day I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to wear a shirt again.  Ditto for the Jeff/Jordan Hawaii trip thing.  BB loves a good showmance, and this one was made for primetime network TV.  In truth, J/J have gotten slightly less cute as they've gotten into power, and as they are starting to taste the end game a bit more. It's almost all about the game now.  Jordan has even brought up BB5 Drew and Diane a couple of times, asking Jeff if he's going to ditch her in the end.  I honestly don't think he would.  If he ever gets around to thinking about jury votes, he'll realize that he's actually got the best chance to win against her.  Plus, he's just not that guy.  BB5 livefeeders saw it coming with was only the deluded TVOVs (and I was one at the time) who were shocked at his behavior.

cuddle loyalty

Back in the game, Russell has promised to go nuclear if he's put up as a repl-nom tomorrow.  Though I would far rather see Natalie go this week, at least if Russell is nom'ed we'll get some drama.  There's slight drama potential if Jeff backs out of the COBA with Nat/Kev, but far more if Russell goes on the block.


It's debatable if the kick-Russ plan is the best game move for Jeff.  He clearly things so, but that is in part because he is trusting Kevin and Natalie.  Or is he?  He said in a DR on tonight's show that he doesn't trust anyone other than Jordan.  Besides, at this point in the game, it can't really be about trying to ensure that you aren't nom'ed the next week.  The closer they get to the end, the more it becomes about the veto.  So if you take loyalty and safety out of the equation, who's a bigger threat?  Russell definitely is a threat for physical/endurance comps. and they have at least one more coming.  Kevin and Natalie are both bigger threats in the end, having more friends in the JH.  But Jeff's not really thinking about votes at the end...he's just trying to get to the end.

russ nat kev


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