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the F word

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posted Monday, 24 August 2009

Jeff followed through today and vetoed his own nomination of Kevin to execute Plan BackDoor Russell.  After the POV ceremony, they launched into a "conversation" about it.  Jeff started out by asking if Russell wanted to talk about it, and saying "you gotta admit, it was a good game move."  Really, Jeff?  Self-centered much?

me russ

Regardless, Russ did acknowledge it was a good move, but also reminded Jeff that he said if any of the F4 alliance broke the deal that he would "murder" them and their families.  And that he swore on his own family to uphold the deal.  Jeff tried a rather weak counterargument that Russell broke the deal first because it was a "Final 4" deal, not a "Final 4, with a Final 2 on the side" deal.  Again.  Really, Jeff?  As if you don't have your own F2 on the side.


The heated conversation went on, with a particular F word thrown around quite a bit.  For the sake of keeping our Family Friendly status, and because I find it funny...we'll substitute our own F word.

Russell: You better FLUFFY win because if you come in the FLUFFY jury house, I will mop the FLUFFY floor with your FLUFFY face.
Jeff: You come after me in the FLUFFY house, I will FLUFFY stab you in your FLUFFY neck.
Russell: You're 31 and you're on a FLUFFY TV show.
Jeff: What does that even mean?  You're 25 and you're on the same show.
Jordan: You're just mad because Jeff got you before you got him.
Russell: I'm not talking to you, you FLUFFY lapdog.
Jordan: I'm not a lapdog.
Russell: I don't need to talk to a FLUFFY sidekick.
sidekicker smack

Russell knows he's pretty FLUFFED with the votes.  Jordan will obviously vote however Jeff wants.  Michele will most likely float on over to J/J, but Russell probably figures he has a shot with her, if he can someone how get Kevin.  Kevin's almost sure to keep his ally Natalie, but Russell's not one to roll over and die, so he is hitting the campaign trail.  He sat down with Kevin this afternoon and gave him a bit of a pitch about how Kev shouldn't team up with Jeff.  Russell started with the point that he was upset that Kevin didn't back him up when Chima was calling him a terrorist.  His point is that Kevin, as a multi-minority himself, ought to realize how offensive the slurs were.  And that was a bit of a setup to let Kevin know that Jeff had called Kev that "other F word" (which, I don't think he actually did).  It seems Russell's idea is get Kevin mad enough at Jeff that Kev will decide to keep Russ as a better anti-Jeff ally than Natalie would be.

 camp kev nat

And won't Jeff be FLUFFED if Russell does somehow manage to stay?



The Floater Alliance is going strong as always....Lucky the Duckie still hasn't even been nom'ed....


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