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I'm so cool I refer to myself in the third person

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posted Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A lot of people think Jeff is getting too cocky these days, so I had to laugh at his comment about referring to himself in the 3rd person.  It's just short of the royal "we"...and of course Jeff doesn't do that. When he says "we" he means himself and Jordan.


As for the rest of the show, the OTEV comp was just fine.  I kind of liked the new twist of having to climb up the rope (and I was frankly pretty impressed that Jeff kept getting up that hill without it).  Though, it did look painful every time one of them wiped out.  I think I'll always have a certain fondness for OTEV because it always makes me think of the BB7 doll-fight and James with his "little harm."

james harm

And what's the deal with Kevin saving all his good comments for the DR?  He rarely gets a LotD from the feeds, but today he gets 2 Lines of the DR:

If this works, OMG, good for me!

He left the house as a fruit...well, I haven't left yet, so it must be Casey.


And wanting to air that fruit comment may be why BB chose this show for the "everyone's so accepting" bit.  It was kind of sad when he said he wished the rest of the world could be like the house.  Especially considering some of the comments that have really been made in the house.  Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying any of them  are not accepting.  The comments and words that have come out haven't been hateful, more just ignorant and insensitive.  

The Jeff/Jordan tiff stuff was fine for the TVOVs, but old news for the livefeeders.  The only thing I thought was funny was Michele's DR comment that "Jeff and Jordan have been spending a lot of time together lately."  Lately?  Well, yeah, as in the last 50 days "lately." This is them last night, attempting some Jedi-drilling.

jedi-jeff jedi-jordan

Now for our Jeff-analysis.  The Great Debate out here is whether b-d'ing Russell was the right let's review:


At this point in the game BB is really about 2 things: winning comps and winning jury votes.  Jeff can't play for HOH next week, so while trying to stay off the block is fine, he really needs to think about winning the veto.  He's thinking generally that Russell's the bigger comp. threat.  Keep in mind that we've probably got a morphomatic veto coming up, and that adds a whole new spin on things.  At this point I couldn't begin to guess which one of them would take it.

And safety for next week?  Psh-hah.  Nat/Kev can say whatever they want, and point out how loyal they were to other people earlier in the game, but that should mean nothing to Jeff now.  He ought to realize that anyone will say anything to get one step closer to the money, and they'll nom him in a heartbeat.  Sure, Russell might have backstabbed him too, but Jeff would have been just that tiny bit safer had he not turned on his own alliance.  And now if Michele gets HOH next week, she's got a perfect excuse to nom Jeff/Jordan.  It's really working out rather nicely for Michele.  The person who left during her HOH reign won't be on the jury, and now she's able to just sit back and let the others pick each other off.


And next, considering jury votes...this move almost surely cost Jeff Russell's vote, if Jeff gets to the end (though I think he could still get it if he's against Jordan).  And if either Natalie or Kevin ends up next to Jeff at the end, they've probably got Jessie/Lydia, and whichever of them is in the JH.

nat kev

So, overall, yeah....we're voting: Bad Move.  Sorry Jeff...we still like you, but you picked the wrong side.


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