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resting up

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posted Wednesday, 26 August 2009

It sounds as if the HGs may be on an overnight lockdown, which is a good sign that we're probably getting an endurance comp. tomorrow.  I'm going to make this a light day, and hopefully they will too.

Russell did go off on a rant against Jeff/Jordan this afternoon, and Jordan ranted back a bit.  I haven't heard any particular chatter about changing the kick Russell plan, but I'm not sure we'd know.  Kevin did say something at one point about casting a "hinky vote" to get Michele blamed for it, but Natalie shot down that plan...because if Michele really did vote for Russell to stay and Kev did that, Natalie would get kicked.  Could happen, but unlikely.

Jeff and Jordan had brief divorce of the Super Strong Showmance alliance, with her sleeping in the pool room last night.  But they seem to have sort of made up.  And with it likely that they'll both be downstairs next week, they'll probably be back to their old selves soon enough.

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