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posted Thursday, 27 August 2009

More end. comps on the livefeeds that is....they started out okay, coming on fairly quickly....but we got robbed at the end.

Not too much to say about the show...we knew as soon as we saw their attire that Russell was out.  Though watching Russ slip and slide in a suit would have been great.  And how about Julie?  It's like she heard me say that I missed her misdirect "you are safe" eviction night lines.

Russell did leave with class, and Jordan and Jeff seemed to have missed the concept of making nice for jury votes in their goodbye messages.  It was interesting to hear Russell's game plan.  So he was trying to be a little bit of all past winners?

And it's out to the backyard for another recycled comp.  This one's a do-over of the teacup race to fill the fishbowls from BB8.  Their hot chocolate mugs look to be about twice the size of the teacups (though the BB8'ers had a chance to get 2 cups at one point) and they do seem to be filling at about twice the rate of season 8.


And just like BB8, there's a clear leader from the start.  In that case it was Zach, whom no one thought could win a comp.  And here it's Kevin.  Michele seems to have the best strategy, covering her cup as she goes to avoid spillage, and sliding every drop off the lid into the bowl.  But Kevin's still way ahead, and seems to be having the least trouble with the runway.  I'm not sure what Natalie's doing.  She keeps falling and flinging her cup all over the place.  At one point she dropped it into the "thermos" and was about to climb in after it.  The fishies came to save her and I'm guessing they gave her a new cup.  (They being BB, not the actual fish.)  Jordan has wiped out a few times too, and Once Michele stopped to help her up.  In any case, unless there's some major reversal of fortune, I say Kevin will have that HOH key by 7:15 PM BBT.

Jeff does his part, cheering them all on from the sidelines.  Kevin is super-focused, oblivious to all of Natalie's inane chatter.  Again, I'm not sure what she's doing--Kevin's supposed to be her teammie and it almost seems like she's trying to distract him.  Natalie does get line of the end comp for "Kevin's fucking the man right now."

4 race wipeout

mic nat topper


cheerleader kev

at the brim

I've long since given up on trying to understand why the PTB at BB do what they do...we were clearly moments away from Kevin's marshmallow rescue and the feeds went to fish.  That was about 5 minutes ago....I'll hang out until it's confirmed that he won.  But why on earth did they fishie out his victory?

Sure enough, the feeds finally come back about 25 minutes later, and most of them are already showered, and Kev's got the HOH key. Master Chef Jeff is back in the kitchen, and Jordan's helping out with the dishes.  If we're not robbed of the HOH perp walk and reveal, I'll be back with those caps. 

all clean kevkey towel

chef jeff dishchick




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