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another day, another dollar

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posted Friday, 28 August 2009

As usual for Friday, they had noms today...but first (©Julie)...they had the mystery door.

It seems it was something where Kevin, as HOH, had the choice of keeping the "prize" all for himself or sharing with his housemates.  There was some risk of a downside.  Kev decided to go with the everyone option.  He was let into the secret room (which he said was all gold) and had to open "Pandora's Box" (it's not clear if this is what BB is calling it, or just the HGs).  In any case, as soon as he reached in someone grabbed his arm and handcuffed him.


Meanwhile, the other HGs had it revealed to them that there was cash in the backyard.  Sounds like there was just a ton of $1 bills and they were told to gather up as much as they could and they would get to keep whatever they had.  Natalie went to get Kevin and either couldn't get into HOH, or didn't try the door.  Later Jeff went up and into the room, and apparently heard Kevin shouting from the secret room.  They then had to find the cuff key to free him.  Jeff eventually found it in the livingroom.


There was a bit of back and forth later between Nat and Jeff.  Apparently she told him not to go up to HOH, which he felt was her trying to keep him from finding out what was going on.  She claimed it was just that she knew the door was locked, and that she had seen a production person up there and thought they weren't allowed.


Most of them are thinking there's another shoe to drop and there will be some bad side to the whole thing, maybe to do with food since Julie mentioned that though HaveNots are no more, there could still be badness in the future.

Eventually they had noms and Kevin put Michele and Jeff on the block.  He's telling Jeff he's not the target, but in fact he is Kev's.  Natalie would rather see Michele go, since she's convinced Michele will be a tougher opponent in the end games.  The complete plan of the TLA is that if Jeff wins the veto, Jordan goes up in his place, and Michele gets kicked.  But as long as Jeff stays on the block, he's to be kicked.  The only way they have  a problem is if Jordan wins the veto, saves Jeff, and Kevin has to nom Nat.  Then the S3x alliance controls the votes.  Even if that happens they might kick Michele.


It's all about the veto of course, which is looking distinctly like it may be a late night tonight comp.  It's the right time of the season for morphomatic, and that's always played after dark.  I've seen a few of them studying the memory wall, though no one's been super intense about it.  I'm still not at all sure who's game morph might be.


If they go off behind the fishies right after ShowtimeTime...we ought to have a veto winner by the morning. I'd love it if it were Jordan, but I'm not counting on it.


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