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it's win or go home

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posted Saturday, 29 August 2009

There's something about the morphomatic always comes around F5 or F6 and it always seems to be a destiny decider.  The thing is, they really ought to see it coming.  Anyone who knows BB knows this comp is likely and should be studying the memory wall to be ready for it.

mem wall 

Last night, the HGs started seeing aliens in the mirrors.  They figured this would have something to do with the veto they'd been told would be started after midnight.  But it didn't seem to cross Jeff/Jordan's minds that nighttime meant morph.  Kevin/Natalie were out in the dining room studying the pics, while J/J were laying in bed in the pool room.  Michele was bouncing between the green room and the red room, sniffling to herself, but I've seen her studying the wall lots of times.

studs sniffer backscratchers

So, when they came back from behind the trivia, it really wasn't a surprise that J/J hadn't won.  Michele took the veto, and took control of her fate.  She's now best buds with Kev/Nat.  The 3 of them were up in HOH celebrating Jeff's demise.  The plan is of course to repl-nom Jordan and kick Jeff.  Downstairs J/J know it, and Jordan starts saying she'll tell people to evict her because Jeff deserves to be there more, having gotten out 2 of the strongest players, etc., etc.  Jeff tells her (nicely) to shut up.  I'm not completely sure if she's serious...I mean, the fact that Jeff got so many people out is exactly why they'll send him packing on Thursday.

pov pov winner

j-low jogo

Meanwhile, Michele comes up with the kicker line of the morning: "America loves her (Jordan).  Aww, your boyfriend left, poor Jordan, poor America.  America's stupid."  >Ahem<, Michele?  Remember, there's a good chance that America gets a jury vote due to Chima's exit.  M/N/K also start in on how Jeff's probably getting such a great edit.  Thinking about edits makes Michele's comment even stupider.  Anyone who has watched BB also should know that they always air those things.  If you want to talk shit about the fans, talk about the livefeeders....because those comments never make the CBS show.

nat kev mich

So it's gonna be a long week.  The game play is pretty much all set.  Michele will veto herself, and Jordan will be the repl-nom.  There could be some anti-campaigning by Jordan to go, though I doubt anything will come of it.  The DR may light a $500K fire under Jeff and try to get him to campaign a bit, which he might do, though I doubt it.  Sure he wants to stay and he wants to win, but there's not much anyone can say anti-Jordan.  Earlier in the season, he could have gone with "keep me and I'll help you" but now they're all thinking end game...strength is bad.  Our only chance for drama is if Kevin is somehow convinced to nom Natalie.  And there's about as much chance of that happening as there is of Chima being invited to Allison Grodner's house for Thanksgiving this year.....


For the Showmance fans, we may get a lot of cuteness for the next 5 days.  Jeff and Jordan have already started in on that.  They've got to be the only couple that's more fun outside of HOH than in it.  Guess they were just designed to be outsiders.

jordan's hair cuddle

 hug jo jeff

For the most part we're likely to get a whole lot of this for week.

sleep1 sleep2 sleep3 sleep3 balls

On the scheduling front, by my calculations we should expect some type of double eviction.  Either fast-forward on Thursday, or a mid-week eviction next week.  The latter is more likely.  I can't imagine they'd do a FF involving the Final 4 not-Platinum veto.  But we've got 3 more HGs to evict and only 2 Thursdays before the 9/15 finale.  I'm also wondering if there's going to be a jury prize this year.  First place, if we get an America's Vote as the 7th juror, they probably won't have a good way to do a second vote.  It also seems like they've given away more cash than usual in competition prizes this season.  Almost $35K by my count--Russell got $10K, Kevin has 2 $5Ks, Jessie got $2500, and the HGs said there was $10K for the Pandora's box thing yesterday.

lucky duckie coldhardcash

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