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posted Thursday, 9 July 2009

And it's feeding time at the zoo....

We come in to a rather sedate BB house.  No running around and screaming like the go live time on the feeds the last few seasons.  Instead we have Lydia and Jordan getting dressed up in satin nighties, Natalie and Laura drinking sparkling cider, and a few of the guys cooking dinner.

lydia jordan kevin kit

About 12 minutes in they start talking about what the feeders are seeing and we get our first scolding from BB ("Houseguests: you are not allowed to talk about production.")  The camera gives us enough of a few of the wall to see that Lydia and Chima are nom'ed.  I'm pretty sure veto hasn't happened yet, but there's still a lot of bitterness wafting off from the 2 noms. It seems the BrainTrust is in the "insane asylum" room.  Chima is not happy.  On top of the room, she's lost a slipper and convinced someone is messing with her.  She mentions going into the pool room, but says she won't go in if Lydia's in there.  It seems the OffBeats might be on restriction too, or at least Casey was using the cold-only shower.  



Lydia and Jordan come through the kitchen in their little outfits and Chima says they look like a couple of hookers.  The rest of the girls laugh and someone asks who thinks to bring lingerie to the BB house.There seems to be a definite chick-fight split with Natalie/Laura/Chima against Lydia/Jordan.  Michele kind of floats between, and then goes to hang out with the guys by the hot tub.


nighties  girls  ht



By about 30 minutes in we get our first feed block for singing.  Jessie's back and inhaling his food just like last year.  No complaints about anyone waking him up, but then he's got the HOH room.




Not a lot of game talk from anyone.  They did confirm that they haven't played POV yet, so there's not much point.

That's all from me for now...we'll call it a nice easing in to the season.

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