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posted Thursday, 9 July 2009


And so it we're killing time waiting for the feeds to kick in, might as well review the show.  I say it every year, but the first show is never anything to get excited about except in that it's the first show.  Does anyone really buy the staged hour-to-pack and read-my-cheesy-line bit?  The entering the house, scampering for beds, and who gets screwed part is one of the few amusements of show #1.  I'm saying right now, those inflatible raft "bedspreads" will have been on the floor since their first night.  And then we get the first day of camp, go around the room and say who you are bits...and the lies begin.  As do the recycled excuses for the lies....

So, let's see....we've got Natalie lying about her age.  Why? She wants to come across as younger so she won't be a "big threat."  First place, 24 is hardly wise-old-age.  Second place, if you're going to lie about it, why go for 18?  How about 21?  Anyone who's paying attention knows 21 is the min. age for BB.  The only exception was BB8's Daniele and the prods needed her in there for their twist.  So again, if the others know the show they'll either know you're lying or think you're a twist.  And this lie is recycled a bit from Daniele and a bit from BB6 James, who lied about his age for no discernible reason.

And speaking of James....recycled again by Michele with the lying about your career.  She's also recycling BB8 Kail a bit with the downplaying of who you are in the real world.  Michele seems uncomfortable lying, but I think she'll probably manage to pull it off.  It's not as if they're going to be able to ask her questions she can't answer and trip her up.

Also in the career mislead we have "surfer" Braden, who's really an actor/model.  That's probably a BB-pushed lie.  They always try to give them interesting sounding Russell being a "mixed martial artist" rather than a real estate whatever.

And we have the most recycled HG in Jessie.  I knew he was coming, though that didn't make it much easier to watch.  He was last choice of the formers....Jessica would have been fine, though nothing new, and we've already got Jordan to play the recycled role of Jessica.  Poor Brian...first out again....and the Brian-Brain clique would have been fun for the typos alone.  And poor Cowboy....2nd place on BB5, missed out on AllStars....and now missed out again.  Who knows if he would have been as fun a second time around, but he sure was entertaining the first time.

So we have forced alliances, which is really no fun.  I guess the only question is who will be Jessie's target.  My guess is the Brains...but that's the obvious choice.  If Jessie was smart he'd remember how he got out-thought last year, and make a deal and get himself a new BrainTrust.  But if he was smart, he wouldn't be Jessie, right?

We'll know soon enough.  When the feeds kick in we'll have nominees and food comp. victims.  I'm guessing no POV yet; that will probably be tomorrow.  Last year POV was over and done with by the time the feeds arrived, but we're a few days earlier in the schedule this year, I think.

That's all for now...I'll be back later with first feed screencaps, and more judgements on the HGs.

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