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posted Tuesday, 7 July 2009

While we wait for the feeds to kick in, Real always gives us something to watch...CSPAN and NASA for some reason.  We also have a nice control room feedblocker-esque shot on the quad cam.


I don't know about "right back" but they'll be here before too long now.  Meanwhile, for those needing a feed-fix, Real has done something right for once.  There is a new feature called "flashback" that allows you go back to any particular hour on the feeds.  So, we can flashback to season 10, for now to get geared up for the year.


I just tuned in to see the BB10 crew getting their first feed-night alcohol and to hear Memphis toast with "May the worst days of our past be the best of our future."  A full minute or so later after everyone had yay-ed along and clinked glasses, he says "Wait.  I said that's may be the best days of our past be the worst of our one's even listening to me to hear I said that all ass-backwards."   No, they sure weren't....

Sorry but I've got nothing more exciting than a stroll down memory lane for now.  No new rumours escaping the house, at least that I've heard.  Julie is slated to be on Craig Ferguson tomorrow night, and then we're really in the home stretch.

1 day 22 hours 5 minutes until BB11!

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