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here's a story....

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posted Monday, 6 July 2009

So, rumour has it that the BB11 houseguests are all locked away for the season, and the game has begun.  As usual, they went in about a week before the premiere and we'll get a fake "live" entrance on Thursday.  

According to CornerOffice, posted at (this source seems to post accurate pre-show tidbits every year, and I sort of suspect it is an "approved" leak from BB/CBS) the first HOH is the "mystery houseguest," whom we "first met during BB10."

Supposedly the theme/twist for this year is something about high school cliques.  Also from CornerOffice,  the HGs have been broken into 4 cliques of "Populars: Braden, Jordan, Laura; Athletes: Russell, Jeff, Natalie; Brains: Ronnie, Chima, Michele; Offbeats: Lydia, Kevin, Casey."  Each group had a former HG as a member (not all from BB10), and from the way I read the leak, whichever group won the comp, their recycled-HG would be HOH.  My guess is that the other recycleds are gone already.

I'd heard a bit ago that a BB10 hamster was being recycled for this year, and my thought was that unless that person was HOH or otherwise immune from eviction, they'd surely be the first to go.  The leading contenders for the role of mystery HG are Brian and Jessie...just read my posts from last season to guess how I feel on either of those options.

So, here's your mugshot line-up for the season:

Braden JordanLaura
 russell jeff natalie
 ronnie chima michele
 lydia kevin casey
Lydia  KevinCasey
  mystery HG 
 Mystery HG 


Study well....there will be a test.

I won't have my own screencaps until the feeds kick in, but I'll leave you with a few of my favorites of the CBS publicity shots.  I watched Julie's little tour of the house and I couldn't help laughing at what she said about the plants in the livingroom.  The house theme this year is sort of a "green"/environmental thing. Julie pointed out the plants and said "these couldn't be more environmentally friendly....they're plastic, so they don't need water." Seriously?  Plastic=Green now?


And then we have the HOH perp walk's hoping we actually get to see feeds during the HOH reveals this year.  And finally....the one room you'll never see on the feeds, thankfully.

perp     neverseen

That's all for now, back soon.

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