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oh Danny boy

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posted Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Wow. Who would have guessed? A unanimous vote? Seriously? I never would have guessed that April or Jerry would have voted for Dan. Especially after Jerry's vote speech. I thought his vote had gone to Memphis for sure. And I even kind of hoped it had. Not that it matters, but it would have been nice for Memphis to get one vote.

On the other hand, it was a season of unanimous votes. How many evictions votes were N to zero? (7 of 11, for those keeping score.) I think the jury questioning really helped Dan. If what they showed on the show was a fair overview, Dan definitely came off better. Memphis really tripped up on Renny's question, and in his closing speech he actually suggested that the jurors might want to vote for Dan. Father Dan's Replacement Nominee Roulette may have been a gamble, but it paid off big time. And his power of persuasion helped him tremendously.

After a summer of kind edits, BB really threw Jerry under that fabled bus on the finale. They didn't show the worst of his rants, but they can't....still, anything that has to be bleeped and blurred can't be good. They let Brian and Steven have their say and tell the jurors they were all where they were for talking trash. Jessie's either over what America did to him, or he was well prepped to be gracious. But why didn't Angie get to say a word?

It's true that Dan and Memphis were the two that played the cleanest, but I'm not convinced that's what really got them to the end. What got them there was luck, winning competitions when it mattered, and a great alliance. Being decent didn't hurt, and it certainly made us out here love them more. They were among the best final 2 in BB history for sure. It was a season where the best player won, and that's always nice.

It was a great season. We had drama, strategy, fights and game play, and more sex than we've ever seen on the livefeeds. We had puppet shows, Jessie-gate, a brand new Tool, swim club, Super Bitch Barbie fights, Ollie's afraid of birds, Judas and the Womanizer (aka the Renegades), Monica's a plant, "I was HOH!" and stolen manhood. And Waldo-watch. We had interesting sartorial choices, from Renny's outrageous outfits, to Jerry's on-and-off Marine gear, and age-inappropriate tank tops. And Memphis' hat, Dan's St. Mary's wear, including the controversial rain jacket. And the 2 sets of rarely, if ever, washed Dr. Will-tribute swim trunks. And, of course, the Renegade Red bandannas.

There's more to come here at mybbpov. Look for an At the End of the Day wrap-up shortly. I'm certainly hoping for another winter season. But, if not, I'll be back next summer. For now....


Congratulations Dan and Memphis!

Good show!

dan memphis
shorts1 shorts2
bible study renegade salute

P.S. Whether he still needs and/or wants his job, last I checked the signature count on was up to almost 1500. Just goes to show you how loved he was, and how crazy BB fans are.

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