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it's rainin' men

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posted Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Well, one man anyway...George Washington.

So, my thoughts on the show....first place, Kevin needs acting lessons.  His "surprise" at finding Pandora's door was just embarrassing.  And then there's the greed factor...he said it himself.  He took the deal because he's a "greedy bitch."  So why is he surprised that everyone else is too?  I did particularly enjoy Jeff's dirty money comment, as well as Jordan's "yes dad, money really does fall from trees."  And Michele in the pool was good too.

jordo michele

And now we know that Natalie really was a sneaky little weasel about the key and keeping others away from the HOH room.  They didn't show it, but I 100% believe she told Jeff not to go up there.  What's hysterical is that Kevin could see the whole thing and knew that Nat just abandoned him.  On the other hand, Kev kinda brought it on himself.  By making up the "you have to release me to get the money" lie, he shouldn't be surprised if they also thought they'd have to stop gathering once he was free.  And being locked up of course meant that Kevin got the least cash...but then he's already got $10K in comp. prizes, so don't cry too hard for him.

jeff kevin natalie

For the record, here's what they got:

Kevin: $626
Jordan: $1726
Natalie: $1904
Michele: $2563
Jeff: $3181

The veto comp. was fun enough....they all got pretty decent times, even Jordan with her 5 minutes.  I think it's interesting that most of them had trouble with themselves.  Also, the 1 HG who wasn't in a morph was Chima.  Coincidence?  I think not.  (Speaking of production oddness...why wasn't Russell's opening credit shot the post-eviction version?  I doubt it meant anything, just another oopsie for the list.)

For the post veto scheming, they left out all the nonsense about Michele using it on Jeff...which I can't blame them for since it would have just confused the TVOVs.  And didn't I call it?  Lots of setup for misdirection with the Jordan self-sacrifice bit.  And lots more showmance build up, with Jeff getting to say he appreciates it, but yet telling her not to be a dodo-brain. 


jor  jeff

I think the big question for me at this point is where does Natalie truly stand with Kevin?  On the surface he seems to be right there with her, but a lot of his DR stuff from tonight was about not trusting her.  And he was dead on that Michele was making a lot of sense.   Natalie's in it for Natalie, and the best chance Nat has to not win is to stick with Kevin.  I'm pretty sure if Natalie makes it to F2 at all she's got this thing wrapped, but Kevin just might give her a run for her money.

sup kev

Since I picked on Kevin for his bad-acting, I have to after Michele too.  Her stilted veto ceremony speech made me cringe.  And every time she tries to lie she starts stuttering and giggling and it's just awkward. But then again, I really shouldn't complain.  Their bad acting is part of what shows them to be real people.  And most BB fans are forever griping that we want more "regular people" on the show.


And I have to say, I was highly amused by Natalie's comment about "the little brains that [Michele] has."  Really, Natalie?  Where'd you get your PhD?  That was just one of the many things on tonight's show that reinforced my position of "anyone but her" to win BB11.  It's not so much her strategy...she's basically playing the manipulation game that so many of the most successful hamsters have played.  But it's the attitude with which she does it.   It's comments like that, or that little smirk she had at the veto ceremony.  Or the fact that she somehow ended up in possession of the hoodie that Kevin was so happy to get in his HOH basket.  It just reeks of arrogance....and not in a good way.  And on a somewhat unrelated note...this has been bugging me for a while.  What is up with Kevin putting his arms inside his shirts? Is it really that cold in there? And if so, why not reclaim your hoodie from Nat?

armless hoodie thief

Speaking of "what are they doing?"...I'll just let you ponder these questions....

 jordan jigeye
Jordan does a jig?
Looking deep into his eye?

nat's hand

What exactly is Natalie's hand doing between Kevin's legs?

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